Friday, December 2, 2016

Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge

Claudia over at My Soul Called Life is hosting the 2017 Monthly Keyword Challenge. It begins on January 1, 2017 and runs through December 31, 2017. You can join at any time, the goal is to read a book with one of the keywords for the challenge. 

2017 Keywords 
JAN- Court, Fall, Of, Way, Deep, Thousand
FEB- And, Rose, Promise, Every, Deception, Blazing
MAR- Shall, Go, By, Silence, Her, Saga
APR- From, Trigger, Tale, His, CrownMist
MAY- Four, Wind, All, Fury, Days, Shade
JUN- Without, Know, Good, Watch, One, Have
JUL- Before, Final, All, Freedom, Life, Dream
AUG- Sun, Infinite, Big, My, Wherever, Most
SEP- Sand, From, Between, Ever, Reasons, Clash
OCT- Darker, You, Ashes, Out, House, Sea
NOV- Place, War, Heart, Why, Give, Meet
DEC- Forget, Twilight, Only, Crystal, On, Will

Books Read For the Challenge  
January - Death at Swaythling Court by J. J. Connington (1/4/17)
February - Deception Island by M. K. Lorens (2/13/17)
March - Death Shall Overcome by Emma Lathen OR Silence Observed by Michael Innes
April - Murder by the Tale by Dell Shannon OR They Tell No Tales Manning Coles OR The House in the Mist by Anna Katharine Green
May - The Four Feathers by A. E. W. Mason OR Nineteen Seventy-Four by David Peace OR The Fourth Postman by Craig Rice
June - Deed Without a Name by Dorothy Bowers OR The Ship Without a Crew by Howard Pease
July - Depart This Life by E. X. Ferrars OR The Dream Master by Roger Zelazny
August - The Deadly Sunshade by Phoebe Atwood Taylor OR The Big Clock by Kenneth Fearing OR The Big Midget Murders by Craig Rice
September - The Sands of Windee by Arthur W. Upfield
October - Thank You, Mr. Moto by John P. Marquand OR You Can't Keep the Change by Peter Cheyney OR Golden Ashes by Freeman Wills Crofts
November - The Hiding Place by Carlton Keith OR Death of a Warrior Queen by S. T. Haymon OR Penelope Passes or Why Did She Die? by Joan Coggin
December -  Only the Good by Mary Collins OR Fire Will Freeze by Margaret Millar OR Dog Will Have His Day by Fred Vargas OR A Will to Kill by John Penn


theinvisibleevent said...

How do you keep track of all these challenges, Bev?! I'm amazed and imagining all sorts of colour-coded spreadsheets and wall charts and probably a major-domo to keep you on track... I don't even know what I'm reviewing next week and you've got next December sorted! Boy, do I feel like an amateur... ;-D

Nikki Amy said...

WOW, I love this idea. OH MY GOSH SO MANY CHALLENGES but I shall join anyways. BEAUTIFUL. THANKS FOR SHARING.

Bev Hankins said...

JJ: I'm just addicted...that's all. I do have a spreadsheet and a list. And now that it's December 2016, I find I'm behind on a few challenges and going crazy trying to figure out how I'll get them all done.

Nikki: Hope you have fun with them!