Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cloak & Dagger Reading Challenge

CDChallengebadge2016Stormi at Books, Movies & Reviews! Oh My! is a mystery and crime novel fan (like yours truly), so she wanted to do a challenge that incorporated all the different types of mystery and crime type novels. When the blog that use to do Cloak and Dagger Challenge gave it up, she decided to take it on and tweak it a bit to make it her own and she also asked Barb from Booker T’s Farm to help cohost it. They've given it another little tweak this year--changed the levels up a bit. I'm all about mystery books, so I'm definitely in for another year of criminal capers. There are several levels to choose from and some basic rules to check out. If you'd like to join the fun, click on the challenge name link above.

I'll be going for the Sherlock Holmes level and reading 56+ books in the mystery and crime field.

1. Death at Swaythling Court by J. J. Connington (1/4/17)
2. Death of a Racehorse by John Creasey (1/7/17)
3. The Snake on 99 by Stewart Farrar (1/11/17)
5. The 24th Horse by Hugh Pentecost (1/13/17)
6. Murder at the Masque by Amy Myers (1/16/17)
7. The Unconscious Witness by R. Austin Freeman (1/28/17)
8. A Losing Game by Freeman Wills Crofts (1/31/17)
9. Death Takes a Bow by Frances & Richard Lockridge (2/5/17)
10. All for the Love of a Lady by Leslie Ford (2/9/17)
11. Spice Island Mystery by Betty Cavanna (2/10/17)
12. Deception Island by M. K. Lorens (2/13/17)
13. The Thursday Turkey Murders by Craig Rice (2/13/17)

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Stormi Johnson said...

I hope you get in some great mysteries read in 2017, I can't wait! :)