Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Deal Me In Week #39: "Farrar Fits In" by Edmund Snell

I'm trying very hard to stay on track with Jay's 7th annual Deal Me In Challenge. This week's draw is the Three of Clubs which matches up to "Farrar Fits In" by Edmund Snell (found in The World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories Vol. 7 by Eugene Thwing, ed.). This also finishes up that volume of detective stories by Thwing.

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Snell's story (which takes place in the 1920s, thus the Art Deco card above) finds Edward "Teddy" Farrar, late of the Indian Police, driving along a narrow British lane when he runs into a thick bit of fog. Out of the fog comes a young woman named Dagni who leads Teddy into a weekend house party where the guests are decked out with all the jewels they own with every expectation of being visited by a jewel thief. The big display of loot is supposed to be a trap whereby the woman and her detective partner (who has gone astray) was supposed to nab the thief/thieves before the jewels disappeared--she wants Teddy to stand in for "George." Was there ever a George? Is Dagni who she says she is? And what happened to the jewels that vanished right under their noses?

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