Thursday, November 26, 2015

What an Animal IX

I'm ready to sign up for the What an Animal Reading Challenge IX.  Yvonne at Socrates' Book Reviews began hosting this challenge in 2010, when she took it over from Kristi at Passion for the Page.  If you love reading books about animals or just have a lot of books on your TBR shelf with animals in the title or on the cover, come join us in the challenge. There are several levels--click the link to get the full details and to sign up.
I'm going to start with Level 1 (read six books). I may level up...but my commitment will be complete once I get my six.

1. Hunt with the Hounds by Mignon G. Eberhart (1/3/16)
2. Red for Murder by Harold Kemp (1/13/16) [heifer on cover; heifers play important role]
3. The Platypus of Doom & Other Nihilists by Arthur Byron Cover (1/23/16)
4. The Doberman Wore Black by Barbara Moore (2/9/16)
5. The April Robin Murders by Craig Rice & Ed McBain (2/17/16)
6. Dead Man's Riddle by Mary Kelly (5/9/16) [boar's head on cover; boar and fox masks play an important role]

Challenge Complete!

7. The Paper Thunderbolt by Michael Innes (5/29/16) [lion & lamb head puppets on cover]

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Yvonne said...

Enjoy the challenge and have fun!