Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Challenge Complete: Noah's October 8 Challenge

About this time last year, Noah, Golden Age Detection (GAD) aficionado and participant in my Vintage Mystery Challenge, put together the October 8 Challenge. A fiendish Bingo-style reading challenge designed to encourage us to read, think about, and write about GAD fiction in new and exciting ways--as well as to compete for glory and prizes.  

Of course, I signed up and said that I would complete at least one Bingo. And then realized I was going to have to scour the rust off my essay-writing skills. Because writing a review for one book isn't the same as tackling these multi-book essays (and I hadn't done this sort of thing since college...). 

Once I got into the groove, I really enjoyed myself and I want to thank Noah for putting this together and pushing me to think beyond one book at a time.

Here's the Bingo card and links to my essays:

Square 4C: Written in the 1940s (11/18/14)
Square 3B: Just a Girl Detective [linked by a theme] (2/18/15)
Square 4B: Written in the 1930s (5/25/15) 
Square 2B: Trains & Murder in the Golden Age [location] (5/26/15)
Square 1B: The Detection Club [inter-related personal lives] (9/8/15) 

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