Thursday, October 12, 2017

Vintage Challenge Checkpoint #3 Winner!

My apologies for not getting to the prize drawing as soon as planned. This week has been a bit of a horror at work and I just came home yesterday and became a couch zombie (just staring at my laptop and not really doing anything). It might have turned out that way tonight--but I just remembered that I had some random number generating to do for challenge prizes. So....let's get this prize show on the road!

The Custom Random Number Generator is all warmed up and after plugging in our numbers, it has given me....Number 13, Christina @ You Book Me All Night Long. The painting on The Five Red Herrings has turned out to be a blue ribbon winner! Congratulations, Christina! I'll be contacting you soon with the prize list.

Thanks to everyone for joining in on the check-point. Now for a mad-dash round of scavenging before the end of the year.

Also--I've been thinking about my plans for next year's challenge and will setting up a poll to get your input. So, keep your investigative eyes peeled for a Vintage Mystery Challenge polling post coming soon.

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