Monday, January 2, 2017

My Reader's Block Challenge Reminders

Just a reminder to all the Challenge fans out there on the Block--final wrap-up posts are still open for all 2016 Challenges. I have listed the links to those pages below. Both the Vintage Scavenger Hunt and Mount TBR Challenges have a prize drawings associated with them.

2016 Vintage Scavenger Hunt Wrap-up
2016 Mount TBR Wrap-up
2016 Color Coded Challenge Wrap-up
2016 Read It Again, Sam Wrap-up

Also, if you haven't signed up for the 2017 round of challenges I hope you will. We have a lot of fun scavenging for cover items and conquering our TBR mountains. There is also a challenge for those who like color in their reading or who like to reread old friends. And brand-new to the Block this year is the Follow the Clues Mystery Challenge. Please see links below for the original sign-up pages and more information on each challenge.

2017 Vintage Scavenger Hunt Sign-up
2017 Mount TBR Sign-up
2017 Follow the Clues Mystery Challenge Sign-up
2017 Color Coded/Read It Again Sam Sign-ups

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