Friday, November 25, 2016

Charity Reading Challenge

Charity Reading Challenge
Host: Becky's Book Reviews (sign up here)
Duration: January-December 2017
# of books: You decide

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Read for a good cause! Buy books at a charity shop, or, even a friends of the library book sale, or, donate a certain percentage of money for each book you read for the challenge. You can choose your own goal of how many books to read, what charity you'll be donating money towards, how much money, etc. (For example, you might want to donate $1 for each paperback you read, or, $3 for every hardback you read. You can work out the details yourself.) For full details click on link above.

I'm signing up for another round. It was interesting to to track my charity giving based on books during 2016. I get a great number of my used books from our Friends of the Library [FoL] used book shop and their twice yearly sales as well as the Hoosier Hills [Food Bank] Community Book Fair. I'll be reading books that I've gotten from there over the years--and don't worry, I'm sure I'll be spending more this year. My goal will be at least 12 books from charity buying and I'll also record each time I indulge my book habit at FoL book shop and at the fall book fair in 2017. Last year I spent a total of $268.15 at charity book sales and at FoL shop. We'll see how much I give away in 2017.

1. Death of a Racehorse by John Creasey [bought at the Hoosier Hills Book Fair October 2016] (1/7/17)
2. Murder at the Masque by Amy Myers [FoL Bookstore, 7/12/14] (1/16/17)
3. The Black Count by Tom Reiss [FoL Bookstore, 4/18/15] (1/21/17)
4. I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison [Hoosier Hills Book Fair October 2015] (1/24/17)
5. Deception Island by M. K. Loren [FoL Bookstore 7/12/14] (2/13/17)
6. Zadok's Treasure by Margot Arnold [FoL Bookstore 5/29/14] (2/22/17)
7. Silence Observed by Michael Innes [Hoosier Hills Book Fair October 2016] (3/28/17)
8. The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm by James Napoli [FoL Bookstore 1/2/16] (4/14/17)
9. Death with Blue Ribbon by Leo Bruce [Red Cross Book Fair October 2013] (4/20/17)
10. Who Is the Next? by Henry Kitchell Webster [FoL Book Sale] (4/24/17)
11. The Fennister Affair by Josephine Bell [Hoosier Hills Book Fair October 2016] (4/28/17)
12. Storm Center by Douglas Clark [Hoosier Hills Book Fair October 2016] (5/1/17)


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