Friday, September 28, 2012

Red Cross Book Sale: Book Bonanza!

I have been waiting impatiently for this year's Red Cross Book Sale--waiting since October 1, 2011. This year they are claiming to have over 100,000 titles available.  And, no, I didn't even bring home 1% of the stock on hand....But I did outdo the standing record (last year--54 books).  By one.  Yes, folks, I am 55 books (and 9 CDs) richer. The only (small) disappointment was that there were absolutely no WWII pocket-size editions to be had.  I always come home with at least one....  But here is this year's haul:

Murder at the ABA by Isaac Asimov (w/dust jacket)
The Private Face of Murder by John & Emery Bonett (w/dust jacket)
In Spite of Thunder by John Dickson Carr (w/dust jacket) 
The Father Brown Omnibus by G. K. Chesterton
The Case of the Careless Kitten by Erle Stanley Gardner 
The Case of the Gilded Lily by Erle Stanley Gardner (w/dust jacket)
The D.A. Breaks a Seal/Murder Within Murder/The Pavilion by Gardner/F&R Lockridge/Hilda Lawrence (3-in-1 Detective Book Club Edition) 
Something in the Air by John Alexander Graham (w/dust jacket)
Murder Is My Business/Crime Wind/Whatever Goes Up by Brett Halliday/Marion Holbrook/Bertram Millhauser (3-in-1 Detective Book Club Edition)
Gently with the Painters by Alan Hunter
The 10:30 from Marseille by Sebastien Japrisot (w/dust jacket)
Whisper Murder!/Death Lifts the Latch/Somewhere in the House by Vera Kelsey/Anthony Gilbert/Elizabeth Daly (3-in-1 Detective Book Club edition)
And Left for Dead by Frances & Richard Lockridge (first edition w/dust jacket)
Night of Shadows by Frances & Richard Lockridge (first edition w/dust jacket)
The Norths Meet Murder by Frances & Richard Lockridge (w/dust jacket)
A Risky Way to Kill by Richard Lockridge (nicer first edition w/dust jacket)
The One That Got Away/The Double Take/The Fifth Man by Helen McCloy/Roy Huggins/Manning Coles (3-in-1 Detective Book Club edition)
Death & the Dutch Uncle by Patricia Moyes (first edition w/dust jacket) 
Murder a la Mode by Patricia Moyes (first edition w/dust jacket)
Murder Fantastical by Patricia Moyes (w/dust jacket)
A Body to Spare by Maurice Procter (w/dust jacket)
Face to Face by Ellery Queen (first edition w/dust jacket)
The House of Brass by Ellery Queen (first edition w/dust jacket)
The Green-Eyed Monster by Patrick Quentin (first edition w/dust jacket)
Too Many Doctors by Holly Roth (first edition w/dust jacket)

Plots & Counterplots by Louisa May Alcott
Toby's Folly by Margot Arnold 
Head of a Traveller by Nicholas Blake
Best Max Carrados Detective Stories by Ernest Bramah (Dover edition)
Cat & Mouse by Christianna Brand
London Particular by Christianna Brand (aka Fog of Doubt)
Case With No Conclusion by Leo Bruce
Jack on the Gallows Tree by Leo Bruce 
Such Is Death by Leo Bruce
Our Jubilee Is Death by Leo Bruce
A Grave Coffin by Gwendoline Butler
A Gentleman Called by Dorothy Salisbury Davis 
Death in Five Boxes by Carter Dickson
The Patient in Room 18 by Mignon G. Eberhart 
Gownsman's Gallows by Katharine Farrer
Best "Thinking Machine" Detective Stories by Jacques Futrelle (Dover edition)
The Best Cellar by Charles Goodrum 
Crimson Roses by Grace Livingston Hill 
Was It Murder? by James Hilton (Dover edition)
From London Far by Michael Innes
The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
The Rasp by Philip MacDonald (Dover edition)
The Great Impersonation by E. Phillips Oppenheim (Dover edition)
Clues of the Caribbees by T. S. Stribling (Dover edition)
The Mountains Have a Secret by Arthur W. Upfield
Wings Above the Diamantina by Arthur W. Upfield
The Girl in the Cellar by Patricia Wentworth

If anybody bothers to count, you'll see that the numbers don't quite add up.  Well...that would be because I somehow managed to wind up with duplicates.  Despite having lists in hand and sorting through the books twice before checking out.  Ah, well, I'll just add the duplicates to the challenge prize vault.....


Man of la Book said...

Wow, great finds.

I always have to restrain myself at such places.

Bev Hankins said...

Restrain? What is this thing you speak of, Man of La Book? ;-)

J F Norris said...

Wish we could have made it this year. More books for you obviously! The one book I am truly envious of in your incredibly impressive take is The Norths Meet Murder. Is that a Stokes edition or a reprint edition? I'd like to see that DJ. Can you post a scan of it? That's their first appearance in the series as detectives and I've never seen a DJ of that title. Hang on to that one, my friend. It's a true rarity.

Peter Reynard said...

Two thumbs up for all the Erle Stanley Gardner and Murder at the ABA! :)