Friday, September 14, 2012

Orange You Glad It's Friday

It's time for another round of Orange You Glad It's Friday.  This photo meme is sponsored by Hood Photo Blog.  The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to post a picture that you have taken or have permission to use with a little or a lot of orange, share your link at the site, visit others, and leave  comments if you wish.  Here's my bit of orange for the week:

Here is a photo of my son, Troop 148's former Fire Master, with his apprentice.  It was taken on our last High Adventure trip with the troop--a canoeing and camping adventure in the Boundary Waters between Minnesota and Canada.  Although Kyle enjoyed many things about scouting, his favorite was fire-building.  It wasn't a REAL camp-out if there was no fire.  And a drenching rain would not stop him (sassafras will burn in a downpour...just ask him). 


fredamans said...

That is awesome he is into being a Scout. He will learn many great things to take with him through his life, and the adventures he will have. He seems to be quite patient in his body language with the other child. Says a lot about his character.
You've done good mama bear!

Bev Hankins said...

Kyle has always been good with younger kids. I'm a very proud mama bear. :-)

Bettey said...

What a wonderful photo :) Great submission for Orange You Glad It's Friday. Thanks for participating!

Hood Photo Blog

Betty said...

Great to see him learn and enjoy new things. I joined in the orange challenge.

joanne said...

wonderful post....being in the girl scouts was some of the most fun and best socialization of my life!