Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BBAW Day 3: What Blogging Means to Me

Day Three of BBAW has given us the following prompt:  What Does Book Blogging Mean to You?

Well...that's a nice, broad question.  Book blogging means community. New friends.  New books--new territory.  It means a book log for me, challenges, and memes, It means giveaways and review requests.  And so much more.

In the beginning, blogging was the ideal place for me to keep track of all my books.  A place for me to write up my thoughts on everything I read.  There were too many times that I had read a book, but there was no way I could possibly discuss it with anyone because I really couldn't remember all that much about it.  Writing up my reactions to the books I read has helped me hold on to them a lot better.  

What I didn't expect was to find such a wonderful, vibrant community.  The most important thing about blogging to me now is that I have found so many book lovers to virtually chat with.  You would think, working in an English Department, that I'd be able to have book discussions right and left.  But it doesn't quite work that way.  Blogging brings all of you delightful people into my home--to talk about the books I've read, to recommend similar books, and to point me in the direction of books I might never have considered if I hadn't plunged into the wonderful world of blogging.  I have met so many terrific folks out here on the internet--some of whom were mentioned in my first BBAW post, but I would need all night to list you all.  It has been a fun three years and I can't remember what I did before blogging came into my life.


gautami tripathy said...

I am with you! Book Blogging has changed my life!

BBAW: Meaning of Book Blogging

gautami tripathy said...
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Alexia561 said...

Well said, as I love the book blogging community! So nice to have someone to discuss books with without seeing their eyes glaze over! *L*

Alexia's Books and Such...

fredamans said...

So true indeed!