Friday, April 6, 2012

Star Trek Vol 1: Mini-Review

So, I got caught up in a little graphic novel whirlwind there for a moment. Finished off The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in a morning....and read Star Trek, Vol 1 by Mike Johnson last night. Hadn't planned on reading the Star Trek, but my husband just got in the mail yesterday, left it out on the desk near the computer, and before I knew it I had it all read. No big plans for reviewing this--so I'll just give you a quickie.

The graphic novel is based in the new re-booted Star Trek universe and occurs post-Star Trek movie 2009. But no new stories--just a retelling of two episodes--"Where No Man Has Gone Before" and "The Galileo Seven"--from the new universe view-point. Decently done (and kudos to the Star Trek graphic novelist/illustrator for not sexing it up like League). I think Johnson has written the "new" characters just right in these episodes. However, I must say that if I were into graphic novels (which I'm not really), I'd be hoping for new stories in the future and not a steady diet of re-hashed TV episodes. Let's go somewhere new...somewhere "where no trek has gone before." Okay? Three stars--for Trek love, good story re-telling, and good graphics.

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Lianne said...

I don't know how far I'll delve into this new Star Trek stuff. The new movie was just so awful, so untrue to Gene Roddenberry's vision, that I can't really see this universe redeeming itself in my eyes. :( I wish someone would start making proper Star Trek again.