Friday, August 13, 2010

Candle #13: Death of a Dude

Oooh! Candle #13 on Friday the 13th. Better watch that luck, Bev. Finished up Death of a Dude by Rex Stout and knocked out another of my Birth Year Challenge reads. That cake is getting pretty full....

So, Death of a Dude finds Archie Goodwin in Montana doubting the guilt of Harvey Greve (foreman of Lily Rowan's Bar JR Ranch). Greve has been accused of the murder of a dude from St. Louis. Archie (who has been on vacation with Ms. Rowan) informs Nero Wolfe that he'll be staying on in Montana on an indefinite leave of absence to clear the matter up. Wolfe's distaste at the thought of being without his right-hand man outweighs his distaste for travel and he travels to Montana to take things in hand so Archie will be back where he belongs even sooner.

This is a fairly decent Nero Wolfe outing. Although I must say I much prefer Wolfe and Archie Goodwin against the familiar background of New York City and the brownstone house with Fritz and the orchids. The stories I've read where Wolfe leaves his sedentary life to go into unfamiliar territory, just don't ring as true as the others. I usually give Nero Wolfe stories four out of five stars on Visual Bookshelf. This one rates three.

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