Monday, August 2, 2010

The Bookstore Test

Found this courtesy of Karen & Gerard over at Grab A Book From Our Stack. Thought it was pretty neat & decided to do it myself.

Imagine you've just entered a bookstore, and you're in the fiction section. What do you look at?



*Contemporary fiction

*Science Fiction

I chose mystery...but to be absolutely exact I would be looking for Classic Mysteries.

You make your way to non-fiction. What catches your eye?


*Home and garden

*True crime

*Self help

I chose history here. Although I'd probably go for essays or biography first.

You now stop to browse at the magazines. You mostly look at:





I chose Travel. But to be honest...I don't stop at the magazine section. In my opinion, bookstores are for--surprise--BOOKS. That's why I'm there.

You leave the bookstore with:

*A bag full of books and magazines

*One book

*A few books


I chose a few books. But, really, it depends on what kind of bookstore it is. New (Borders, Barnes & Noble)?? Then MAYBE one; two at the most. If it's a used bookstore with a great selection of classic mysteries?? All I can carry or my checkbook will allow.

What do my answers say about me?

You Are Dramatic: Apparently, I am "easily moved...very curious about the world around [me] & what's going on...a good memory for ace at many places [I] want to go and things [I] want to learn...have a few key interests that are borderline obsessions" Obsessions? Me? You don't mean like my books, do you?

Take the quiz or just share some of your answers to any of the above questions in the comments. If you take the quiz, please post your results in the comments.
The Bookstore Test


Karen & Gerard said...

Glad you liked this little test. I enjoyed reading your answers to the questions. I see we both like mysteries!

Lady Scribbles said...

I took it too and came out dramatic as well. I am also pretty much interested in the same things as the answers you chose and I also mostly check out classic mysteries. Library book sales are also good for that. I once bought around 100 or so Agatha Christie mysteries from my library for like 11 or so dollars. :D

BookQuoter said...

Took the test and came up MODERN, which I think TOTALLY suits me:
I am a forward looking, happy-to-be alive, traveling obssessive thinker kind of reader!!! Thanks!!