Friday, August 2, 2019

Challenge Commitment Complete: Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge

The Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge
Sponsored by Rick @ Rick Mills Project

This was Rick Mills first year sponsoring reading challenges and he came up with a couple of dandies (this and the Medical Examiner Challenge).

I committed myself (personally--Rick requires no commitment) to completing two targets this year. My first target had Ngaio Marsh's name all over it because I was already signed up for the Ngaio Marsh Challenge (Part II--having read her first 12 books in 2018). Then I added Agatha Christie when I decided to read her novels in publication order. I've taken down those two queens of crime...and completed my commitment, but I've still got targets up. We'll see how many more I get down before the year's out. 
Ngaio Marsh Target
1. Died in the Wool  (1/10/19)
2. Final Curtain (2/14/19)
3. A Wreath for Rivera (3/11/19)
4. Opening Night (4/4/19)
5. Spinsters in Jeopardy (5/6/19)
6. Scales of Justice (6/16/19)

Agatha Christie Target
1. The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1/18/19)
2. The Secret Adversary (1/25/19)
3. Murder on the Links (3/9/19)
4. The Man in the Brown Suit (4/13/19)
5. Poirot Investigates (5/12/19)
6. The Secret of Chimneys (6/6/19)

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