Sunday, May 5, 2019

Challenge Complete: Book Challenge by Erin 10.0

I actually finished this one back on April 8th....but kept forgetting to do a wrap-up post. 

I always enjoy Erin's Book Challenge and look forward to the list of categories. The next round will be coming in July (with categories available in June).

~5 points Freebie: Read a book that is at least 200 pages
The Winter Women Murders by David A Kaufelt [214 pages] (1/5/19)
~10 points (from BCBE 1.0; selected by Megan Kloustin): Read a book that was made into a movie
 The Lucky Stiff by Craig Rice (1949 movie) [252 pages] (3/1/19)
~10 points (from BCBE 2.0; selected by Vinay R): Read a book that is set in Europe
Blind Corner by Dornford Yates [225 pages] (2/3/19)
~15 points (from BCBE 3.0; selected by Jamie Gione) Read a book that was a Newberry Award winner (medal winner or honor book);  ***for this category only, since many children's literature books may be shorter, the page number requirement is only 100 pages.
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle (1963 Medal Winner) [2/17/19]
~20 points (from BCBE 4.0; selected by Deborah Dainton): Read a book that is a friend or family member's favorite...or the favorite book by another participant in this challenge.
Mossflower by Brian Jacques [373 pages; my son's favorites] (4/8/19)
~20 points (from BCBE 5.0; selected by Donna Nevins): Read a book originally published over 100 years ago.
An African Millionaire by Grant Allen (1897) [336 pages] (1/10/19)
~25 points (from BCBE 6.0; selected by Beverly-Ann Basque): Read a book with six words (and only six words) in the title.
The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes by June Tomson [224 pages] (1/25/19)
~30 points (from BCBE 7.0; selected by Vanessa Loke): Read a book with a compass or cardinal direction in the title.
Blood of the North by James B. Hendryx [278 pages] (2/15/19)
~30 points (from BCBE 8.0; selected by Keli Hearron): Read a book that was originally published in a different language from your own.
No Patent on Murder by Akimitsu Takagi (Japanese) [284 pages] (2/21/19)
~35 points (from BCBE 9.0; selected by Amanda Forsyth): Read a book that begins with the letter "N."
Night of the Fox by Jack Higgins [352 pages] (2/19/19)

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