Monday, May 27, 2019

The Five Red Herrings: Audio version

The Five Red Herrings (1931) by Dorothy L. Sayers [BBC Radio version] 

Once again, I've settled down to an audio presentation of a Sayers novel. This time, heading to Scotland with Lord Peter and Bunter for a fishing holiday. Of course, it turns into a busman's holiday when Lord Peter gets involved with a corpse amongst the artist's community that he's landed in. For my full review of the story, please see the link above. I'll just say here, that the BBC cast does an excellent job of bringing Sayers's characters to life. It is always a pleasure to hear Ian Carmichael in the lead as Lord Peter and the supporting cast are excellent as well. The only disappointment is that the story is shortened just a tad too much. As I mention in the linked review, the filmed version does condense the story as well--but does a much better job of it. All the essentials are there and the condensation simply removes Lord Peter's endless recounting of the facts and trying to fit them to each of the suspects. This radio version removes some of the more interesting (though not absolute vital) bits.

However, the performance is an overall good one and thoroughly enjoyable. ★★

[Finished 5/19/19]

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