Saturday, January 26, 2019

Terror on the Titanic: Mini-Review

Terror on the Titanic by Jim Wallace was a second Choose Your Own Adventure book to catch my eye when I was looking to find a title to read for the PopSugar Reading Challenge. I decided that rather than have to choose between the Tower of London and the Titanic I'd just bring both home and read them. This book plays a little more fast and loose with history than the Tower book did--sure it brought in ghosts, but the information it gave about the historical figures and the sections of the Tower were primarily factual. In this book, included among the options you have are those that allow you to save the Titanic and prevent one of the greatest steamship disasters in history. But, that's okay, the CYOA books are definitely more imaginative and fictional than the Chilling Interactive Adventure books--so we can give the author more poetic license. 

I loved these books when I was in elementary school (though I never read this one) and even as an adult it is fun to find yourself in the story, making choices that will determine how your adventure ends. The Titanic is also a big draw for me and it was fun to follow the adventures on the luxury liner. ★★★★

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