Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Post for Reading Challengers

As we head towards the end of October, I'm beginning to marshal my thoughts about the challenges I will be sponsoring in 2019. And I have a few announcements and a request or two.

1. Just the Facts, Ma'am will be on offer again. I would like to ask participants to consider what categories (not already on offer) that you might like see added to the detective notebooks. Is there a murder method that I'm ignoring? A location that you'd like to hunt for when choosing your mysteries for next year? Please send all suggestions to me at phryne1969 AT gmail DOT com.

2. Mount TBR will also be back--and will be for the foreseeable future. I just don't see my TBR mountain range ever getting any smaller (no matter how much I read). As long as I've got mountains, I'll be asking you to join me for a Mount TBR hike.

3. And the Monthly Key Word Challenge will also return with new key words for a new year.

4. I am retiring the Follow the Clues Challenge. It hasn't worked out quite as I envisioned it and participation hasn't been high. I may try to tweak it and bring it out of mothballs at some point in the future....

5. In related news, I am currently putting the finishing touches on a Calendar of Crime mystery challenge which will accept all mysteries no matter the year of publication. Perhaps this will have more appeal for mystery lovers than item #4.

6. I am also toying with a companion challenge to the Mount TBR. Over the years, I've had people ask me why I don't allow library books ("I've had Book X on my TBR list for eons but I don't own it. Why can't I check it out from the library and count it as a TBR read?"). If I get this one together, it will be a Virtual Mount TBR--climbing that list of books you've always wanted to read, but don't own.

7. The Color Coded and Read It Again, Sam Challenges will most likely be back in the same low-key (low-moderator-involvement) way. 

If you think the sound of a virtual Mount TBR sounds great and/or you have a strong desire to have the Color Coded and Read It Again, Sam Challenges return, please let me know. I'd love to be able to gauge interest in these.

Thanks for listening!


Jamie Ghione said...

I definitely want to do the Color Coded and Monthly Keywords again.

Barbara H. said...

I'm glad you're keeping Mount TBR! I keep adding to the mountains every year, so I guess I'll never conquer them all. But I figure I'll always have something to look forward to. :-)

I like the idea of the Virtual TBR, too.

TracyK said...

You sure do have a lot of energy to set up all those challenges and keep them going throughout the year, Bev. Good for you and thanks.