Thursday, November 16, 2017

2017 Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

Michelle of Seasons of Reading is once again sponsoring her Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge. In short, the challenge runs from November 20, 2017 through January 6, 2018. The books read must be Christmassy in nature--novels, short stories, books of poem, etc.
There are various levels:
--Candy Cane: read 1 book
--Mistletoe: read 2-4 books
--Christmas Tree: read 5 or 6 books (this is the fanatic level...LOL!)

Additional levels:
--Fa La La La Films: watch a bunch or a few Christmas's up to you!
--Visions of Sugar Plums: read books with your children this season and share what you read

*the additional levels are optional, you still must complete one of the main reading levels above

For more details and to sign up, please click the link above.

As usual, I am signing up for the Mistletoe level.

1. The Christmas Murder by Cyril Hare (11/25/17)
1.5. Murder in Ordinary Time by Sister Carol Anne O'Marie (11/29/17) This book fooled me--it advertises itself as a "Christmas" mystery with its cover photo and the mention of Christmas cookies on the back--but it takes place in January.
2. Crime for Christmas by Richard Dalby, ed. (12/3/17)
3. Mistletoe & Mayhem by Richard Dalby, ed. (12/8/17)
4. The Corpse in the Snowman by Nicholas Blake (12/20/17)

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Tarissa said...

Bev, I don't know if you noticed, but I'm hosting a Literary Christmas challenge until the end of the month, if you'd like to join with any of your holiday-themed reviews. :)