Tuesday, June 14, 2016

20 Books of Summer


Thanks to the Puzzle Doctor over at In Search of the Classic Mystery I have discovered another Reading Challenge that doesn't interfere with my "Read from the TBR" plan for 2016. It originates at the 746 Books blog – and it shouldn't prove too difficult. The challenge is to read twenty books over the summer (technically the 1st of June to 5th September). And last year I managed to squeeze in 39 books over that same time period--so here's hoping there is no reading slump in my immediate future. Cathy has graciously allowed me to count books read since June 1 even though I'm late out of the gate for signing up. It also looks like we're supposed to plan ahead and give a reading list--but like Cathy, I reserve the right to change my mind if needed.

Here we go:

1. Murder in Amsterdam by A. J. Baantjer (6/3/16) 
2. Midnight in Lonesome Hollow by Kathleen Ernst (6/4/15) 
3. The Cinnamon Murders by Frances Crane (6/6/16)   
4. A Is For Arsenic by Kathryn Harkup (6/8/16)
5. The Mystery Woman by J. U. Giesy & Junius B. Smith (6/12/16)   
6. The Silent Women by Margaret Page Hood (6/13/16)
7. Certain Sleep by Helen Reilly (6/16/16)
8. The Seven Wonders of Crime by Paul Halter (6/19/16)
9. The Ticking Clock by Frances & Richard Lockridge (7/8/16)
10. Too Good to Be True by J. F. Hutton
11. Murder in Any Language by Kelley Roos (6/21/16)
12. Bodies & Souls edited by Dann Herr & Joel Wells (6/28/16)
13. High Rhymes & Misdemeanors by Diana Killian (6/30/16)
14. The Devil in Bellminster by David Holland (7/13/16)
15. The Red House by A. A. Milne (7/15/16)
16. The Titanic Tragedy by William Seil (6/28/16)
17. The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins (6/19/16)
18. A Cold Day for Murder by Dana Stabenow (7/22/16)
19. The Poet's Funeral by John M. Daniel (7/12/16)
20. The North's Meet Murder by Frances & Richard Lockridge (6/30/16)

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