Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Kind of Mystery Challenge 2016

My Kind Of Mystery

February 1, 2016 – January 31, 2017

Carolyn at Riedel Fascination is tempting us again with her My Kind of Mystery Challenge. And of course I'm joining--Because you know I have a thing for mysteries. Her mystery challenge allows for all sorts of mystery-related reading from crime novels to true crime; from author biographies to writing tips for wanna-be authors. If it's related to mysteries, it counts. She has made a few adjustments to the challenge rules, so there are more details to be found...check them out at the link above.

Her Challenge Levels (she's added another level this year):

New Mystery Levels

My Sign-Up: Carolyn isn't requiring that we post a commitment--but as a personal challenge I'm going for the "Invisible Floor" level again in 2016. Given that I've managed over 100 mysteries in 2015, I'll probably visit the Gothic Mansion as well...but that will be a bonus.
1. The Clock Ticks On by Valentine Williams (2/3/16)
2. The Clue of the Judas Tree by Leslie Ford (2/6/16)
3. The Doberman Wore Black by Barbara Moore (2/9/16)
4. The Fifth Passenger by Edward Young (2/10/16)
5. The Bridal Bed Murders by A. E. Martin (2/13/16)
6. The April Robin Murders by Craig Rice & Ed McBain (2/17/16)
7. The Silver Anniversary Murder by Lee Harris (2/17/16)
8. Poacher's Bag by Douglas Clark (2/19/16)
9. The Spiral Staircase by Ethel Lina White (2/20/16)
10. The Black Rustle by Constance & Gwenyth Little (2/22/16)
11. The Bachelors of Broken Hill by Arthur W. Upfield (2/24/16)
12. Gently with the Painters by Alan Hunter (2/27/16)
13. The Calcutta Affair by George S. Elrick (2/28/16)
14. The Avengers: A Celebration by Marcus Hearn (2/29/16)
15. Make Death Love Me by Ruth Rendell (3/1/16)
16. The Day He Died by Lewis Padgett (3/3/16)
17. House of Darkness by Allan MacKinnon (3/7/16)
18. The Philomel Foundation by James Gollin (3/11/16)
19. A Lesson in Secrets by Jacqueline Winspear (3/13/16)
20. Elegy for Eddie by Jacqueline Winspear (3/15/16)
21. The Old Battle Axe/The Obstinate Murderer by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding (3/17/16)
22. Dead Against My Principles by Kenneth Hopkins (3/29/16)
23. The Third Encounter by Sara Woods (4/1/16)
24. Death in Profile by Guy Fraser-Sampson (4/3/16)
25. The Jade Venus by George Harmon Coxe (4/7/16)
26. The Indigo Necklace Murders by Frances Crane (4/12/16)
27. The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde by Erle Stanley Gardner (4/12/16)
28. The Limehouse Text by Will Thomas (4/13/16)
29. One Foot in the Grave by Peter Dickinson (4/18/16)
30. The Chalk Circle Man by Fred Vargas (4/21/16)
31. Death Walks in Cyprus by M. M. Kaye (4/22/16)
32. Death by Hoax by Lionel Black (4/25/16)
33. Chili Con Corpses by J. B. Stanley (4/28/16)
34. Line Up for Murder by Marion Babson (4/28/16)
35. Our Jubilee Is Death by Leo Bruce (4/30/16)
36. Dead Man's Riddle by Mary Kelly (5/9/16)
37. The Family Tomb by Michael Gilbert (5/10/16)
38. Running Blind by Desmond Bagley (5/11/16)
39. The Bobbsey Twins at London Tower by Laura Lee Hope (5/12/16)
40. Gownsman's Gallows by Katharine Farrer (5/16/16)
41. Murder at the Savoy by Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo (5/20/16)
Challenge Commitment Complete! (still reading)
42. The Litmore Snatch by Henry Wade (5/21/16)
43. Good Blood by Aaron Elkins (5/23/16)
44. The Paper Thunderbolt by Michael Innes (5/29/16)
45. Murder in Amsterdam by A. J. Baantjer (6/3/16)
46. Midnight in Lonesome Hollow by Kathleen Ernst (6/4/16)
47. The Cinnamon Murder by Frances Crane (6/6/16)
48. A Is for Arsenic by Kathryn Harkup (6/8/16)
49. The Mystery Woman by J. U. Giesy & Junius B. Smith (6/12/16)
50. The Silent Women by Margaret Page Hood (6/13/16)
51. Certain Sleep by Helen Reilly (6/16/16)
52. The Seven Wonders of Crime by Paul Halter (6/19/16)
53. The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins (6/19/16)
54. Murder in Any Language by Kelley Roos (6/21/16)
55. Bodies & Souls edited by Dann Herr & Joel Wells (6/28/16)
56. The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Titanic Tragedy by William Seil (6/28/16)
57. The Norths Meet Murder by Frances & Richard Lockridge (6/30/16)
58. High Rhymes & Misdemeanors by Diana Killian (6/30/16)
59. The Decagon House Murders by Yukito Ayatsuji (7/3/16)
60. A Pinch of Poison by Frances & Richard Lockridge (7/5/16)
61. All Fall Down by L. A. G. Strong (7/6/16)
62. The Ticking Clock by Frances & Richard Lockridge (7/8/16)
63. Checkmate to Murder by E. C. R. Lorac (7/10/16)
64. The Poet's Funeral by John M. Daniel (7/12/16)
65. The Devil in Bellminster by David Holland (7/13/16)
66. The Red House Mystery by A. A. Milne (7/15/16)
67. The Warsaw Anagrams by Richard Zimler (7/17/16)
68. Too Good to Be True by J. F. Hutton (7/20/16)
69. A Cold Day for Murder by Dana Stabenow (7/22/16)
70. A Dead Man in Athens by Michael Pearce (7/28/16)
71. The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L. Sayers (7/28/16)
Entered the Gothic Mansion!
72. The Mirabilis Diamond by Jerome Odlum (7/31/16)
73. Servant's Problem by Veronica Parker Johns (8/4/16)
74. Murder on Trial by Michael Underwood (8/7/16)
85. Invitation to Murder by Leslie Ford (8/11/16)
86. Murder Every Monday by Pamela Branch (8/13/16)
87. A Parade of Cockeyed Creatures or Did Someone Murder Our Wandering Boy? by George Baxt (8/14/16)
88. A Death for a Darling by E. X. Giroux (8/19/16)
89. Design for Murder by Erica Quest (8/20/16)
90. Unhallowed Murder by Simon Nash (8/20/16)
91. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by John le Carre (8/24/16)
92. The Silent Witness by R. Austin Freeman (8/25/16)
93. The Master of Mysteries by Gelett Burgess (8/30/16)
94. The House of the Arrow by A.E.W. Mason (8/31/16)
95. The Wheelchair Corpse by Will Levinrew (9/3/16)
96. The Mystery of Burnleigh Manor by Walter Livingston (9/6/16)
97. While the Wind Howled by Audrey Gaines (9/8/16)
98. The Eye of Osiris by R. Austin Freeman (9/8/16)
99. The Case of the Baker Street Irregular by Robert Newman (9/10/16)
100. Stories of the Supernatural selected by Dorothy L. Sayers (9/13/16)
101. The Films of Agatha Christie by Scott Plamer (9/14/16)
102. The Suicide Club & Other Stories by Robert L. Stevenson (9/16/16)
103. Home to Roost by Andrew Garve (9/20/16)
104. The Seventh Mourner by Dorothy Gardiner (9/21/16)
105. Death in the Andamans by M. M. Kaye (9/25/16)
106. The Middle Temple Murder by J. S. Fletcher (9/29/16)
107. The Clue in the Clay by D. B. Olsen (9/29/16)
108. Avon Mystery Story Teller by Jos. Meyers & E. B. Williams (10/2/16)
109. A Rattling of Old Bones by Jonathan Bones (10/4/16)
110. The Affacombe Affair by Elizabeth Lemarchand (10/9/16)
111.  Avon Ghost Reader by Herbert Williams, ed (10/14/16)
112. Death Wears a Mask by Therese Benson (10/18/16)
113. Sunday by Georges Simenon (10/19/16)
114. The Metropolitan Opera Murders by Helen Traubel (10/20/16)
115. The Camera Clue by George Harmon Coxe (10/28/16)
116. The Garden Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine (10/28/16)
117. Beyond the Ice Limit by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child (10/28/16)
118. Meat for Murder by Lange Lewis (10/31/16)
119. Black Widower by Patricia Moyes (11/6/16)
120. The Life & Times of Miss Jane Marple by Anne Hart (11/13/16)
121. The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie (11/13/16)
122. The Mystery of Chimney Rock by Edward Packard (11/15/16)
123. The Jekyll Revelation by Robert Massello (11/15/16)
124. The Dream-Detective by Sax Rohmer (11/22/16)
125. Beverly Gray's Mystery by Clair Blank (11/22/16)
126.  Cocktails & the Killer by Peter Cheyney (11/30/16)
127. Do Not Murder Before Christmas by Jack Iams (11/30/16)
128. Dark Lady by Doris Miles Disney (12/8/16)
129. Cold Steal by Alice Tilton (12/18/16)
130. A Corpse for Christmas by Carter Brown (12/31/16)
131. The Best Cellar by Charles A. Goodrum (12/31/16)



Anonymous said...

Bev, did you ever make me laugh and smile by writing: "I'm sure I'll be visiting the gothic mansion". As we do with your mountain themes, we have a way of speaking as if we are entering the places we create. I love it! As it happens, I'm sure you will enter our new gothic mansion. I leave the last two spans wide because the average reader is content to dip a toe in. When our population rises, I might divvy them up a little differently but as you tell everyone here, levels are now just a fun way to describe how far we are reading.

It is wonderful to have you in the fold again in 2016! Sincerely yours, Carolyn. https://cmriedel.wordpress.com/riedel-challenges-2016/

Anonymous said...

Here are the results of all of my groups' 2015 draws, encouragement to visit the new themes, and the answer to the book cover that was our MY KIND OF MYSTERY logo! Since you are a member from the beginning, you'll want to see how we panned out. :) Yours, Carolyn. https://cmriedel.wordpress.com/2016/02/16/my-winners-in-2015/