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Challenge Commitment Complete: Non-Fiction Adventure

  A Non-Fiction

August 10, 2013 - August 10, 2018

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Back in 2013 I signed up for the Non-Fiction Adventure, a book challenge on the five-year plan. We were to choose our own goals to meet for the five-year period and/or per year. I just finished my 10th non-fiction book for 2015.

My Goal: 50 books Total and 10 Books Each Challenge Year (September thru August)

10-Book Goal Met 2013: 12/31/13
10-Book Goal Met 2014: 7/20/14 (23 total over-all)
10-Book Goal Met 2015: 8/7/15 (34 total so far)

Here's a list of the non-fiction books I've read so far (they have been lifted from my over-all list of available non-fiction books and, thus, the numbering appears a bit weird):
1. RFK: His Life & Death by Editors of American Heritage (4/15/15)8. Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence: The First Encounter by James L. Christian (ed) [12/26/13]
16. Into the Valley: A Skirmish of the Marines by John Hersey [2/28/15]
17. The Mystery Lover's Book of Quotations by Jan Horning (ed) [9/27/13]
19. Crime & Mystery: The 100 Best Books by H. R. F. Keating (12/31/13)
20. Selections from the Essays of Montaigne by Michel Eyquem de Montaigne (trans & ed by Donald M. Frame) [7/7/14]
24. Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis(7/20/14)
38. Conundrums for a Long Weekend: England, Dorothy L. Sayers & Lord Peter Wimsey by Robert Kuhn McGregor with Ethan Lewis (8/7/15)
50. The Wit & Humor of Oscar Wilde by Alvin Redman (ed) [12/29/13]
60. The Films of Sherlock Holmes by Chris Steinbrunner & Norman Michaels (12/30/14)
64. The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkerson (10/1/13) 65. The Measure of a Man by Sidney Poitier (10/6/13) 66. Mystery & Crime: NYPL Book of Answers by Jay Pearsall (10/30/13)  67. By a Woman's Hand by Jean Swanson & Dean James (11/2/13)  68. Good-Bye to All That by Robert Graves (11/7/13)
69. The Armchair Detective Book of Lists by Kate Stine (ed) [12/29/13] 70. The Kingdom by the Sea by Paul Theroux [1/20/14] 71. You Can Write a Mystery by Gillian Rogerts (2/9/14)  72. XCIA's Street Art Project by Hank O'Neal (2/20/14)  73. It's Not All Flowers & Sausages by Jennifer Scoggin (3/10/14)  74. Ships of the Line by Doug Drexler & Margaret Clark (5/1/14)  75. The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw (5/9/14) 76. Beyond Uhura: Star Trek & Other Memories by Nichelle Nichols (5/29/14)  77. Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously by Julie Powell (7/30/14)  78. Zingers, Quips, & One-Liners by Geoff Tibballs, ed (8/25/14)  79. Book Lovers' London by Lesley Reader (12/30/14) 80. Mystery! A Celebration: Stalking Public Television's Greatest Sleuths by Ron Miller (2/3/15)  81. I Killed: True Stories of the Road from America's Top Comics by Ritch Shydner & Mark Schiff (2/10/15)  82. Glenn Ford: A Life by Peter Ford (3/9/15)  83. The Poisoner's Handbook by Deborah Blum (3/22/15) 84. The Golden Age of Murder by Martin Edwards (5/5/15)  85. The Witch & the Hysteric by Alexander Doty & Patricia Clare Ingham (7/14/15)  86. The British Invasion by Barry Miles (7/20/15)

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