Friday, August 7, 2015

Challenge Complete: What's in a Name?

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I actually completed the eighth annual What’s In A Name Challenge, now sponsored by Charlie at The Worm Hole, three days ago and got distracted and forgot to post my wrap-up. Each year we're given six categories to fulfill by reading books with certain terms/words in the title. Here are this year's categories:
  • A word including ‘ing’ in it (The Time Of Singing, Dancing To The Flute, Lex Trent Fighting With Fire) My examples are verbs but you can of course use other words.
  • A colour (The Red Queen, White Truffles In Winter, On Gold Mountain)
  • A familial relation (Daughter Of Smoke And Bone, Dombey And Son, My Cousin Rachel) By all means include in-laws, step, and halves.
  • A body of water (The River Of No Return, Black Lake, Beside The Sea)
  • A city (Barcelona Shadows, Shanghai Girls, Under The Tripoli Sky)
  • An animal (Black Swan Rising, The Leopard Unleashed, The Horse And His Boy)
And my books:
"ING": Flying to Nowhere by John Fuller (4/14/15)
Color: The Turquoise Shop by Frances Crane (7/3/15)
Family Relation: Mother Finds a Body by Gypsy Rose Lee (1/12/15)
Body of Water: Deep Lake Mystery by Carolyn Wells (5/25/15)
City: Caught Dead in Philadelphia by Gillian Roberts (2/11/15)
Animal: The Avenging Parrot by Anne Austin (8/4/15)
I always make an effort to fulfill the challenge using only books on my own TBR stacks--this year I managed it.  

Thanks to Charlie for keeping the challenge going!

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