Sunday, March 1, 2015

Super Book Password-- March/April: Historic Event

And we're off for the second round of Super Book Book Password. I've got my Historic Event all lined up. Anybody going to join me?  Just a reminder: Each week I will post a link for another clue--up to eight weeks of clues. Eight clues are not required, but participants are asked to provide as many clues as possible with their reading schedules. Remember that points can be claimed for each clue until the next clue from that particular participant goes up. So--if I post my first clue this week, but don't post my second clue until the last week of March, then participants will have three weeks to ponder my Historic Event and try to claim the full points. If I post the second clue next week, then first clue points will only be available until next week.  
When you post your clues, please use the following format: 
Bev's Clue #1 (book title)***
and link to your blog or other review site (Goodreads, etc). If you do not have a blog and would like to post clues, then please use the format above and submit your clues in the comments. Don't forget to email me (phryne1959 AT gmail DOT com) your chosen password. This format seemed to work well last round. Let's have some more fun--and see if anyone can catch Ryan in the points category!

***Just as a point of clarification: If only part of your title is the clue, please indicate which word or words are relevant--put that portion in quotes for the link up. My clues will also be in bold at my review site.  

And...we have a winner for my Historic Event Password. Debbie has snagged 30 points with the correct answer: The Assassination of Lincoln.  I'm off to think up another Password.

Phinnea at ravenscroftcloud has guessed my second Historic Event with "the arrest of Crippen." I had something particular in mind about that arrest--historically significant. I'll award an extra 10 points to anyone (not just the first person) who can tell me what that might be (use the form). 

I missed the sixth week--Sorry!!

Please use the Google Form below for your Password guesses. The form time-stamps each guess, so points will be awarded to the first person to log the correct Password.

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