Sunday, March 1, 2015

Super Book Password--Jan/Feb Roundup

As we look ahead to the second round of Super Book Book Password (which will be posted later today), let's look at the point totals. I am playing for fun (no prize for me)--since I know all the answers, I can't make guesses and will collect points based solely on clues given. A prize is ahead for the contestant who collects the most points along the way.

Our current totals:
First Place: Ryan with 120 points. Ryan gave us five clues (20 points each) and correctly guessed both of my Passwords on Clue #4 for 10 points on each. Ryan also stumped the panel with his Password: Marc Antony

Second Place: Debbie with 100 points. Debbie also gave us five clues (20 points each) and kept everyone guessing with her Password: Persephone

My eight clues--four each on two Passwords--earned me a total of 160 points. As mentioned, Ryan correctly spotted William Shatner and Dick Van Dyke as my famous persons.

John over at Pretty Sinister Books also joined us for some guesses and hopefully he'll come back for another round in March and April. And what about you? How about stopping by in the next two months and giving these folks some competition on the next Password: Historic Event? We'd love to have you join us--no reading or clue-giving participation necessary. Anyone is welcome to guess.


J F Norris said...

Ah nuts! Persephone is a mythical figure, not a person. I would have been guessing all Zeus' goddess daughters if I had known a goddess could be considered a person. I'm too literal when it comes to puzzles like this.

Bev Hankins said...

I wasn't specific enough, John. If I think this works well enough to do again next year, I'll make categories for real people and fictional characters---just to make things clear.

Ryan said...

I guessed Athena, but didn't think of Persephone