Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New (to me anyway) Crime Authors: July to September

The New (to me anyway) Meme is sponsored by Kerrie over at Mysteries in Paradise. Here's what she's looking for....

Just write a post about the best new-to-you crime fiction authors (or all) you've read in the period of July to September 2014, put a link to her meme in your post (click above), and even use the logo if you like. The books don't necessarily need to be newly published. After writing your post, then link up over at Kerrie's place and visit the links posted by other participants in the meme to discover even more books to read. 'Cause there are never enough books to hunt down and read.

This meme will run again at the end of January 2015

And my selection for the best new-to-me crime fiction author (I've only got one serious contender--most of my crime reads were by old friends)? D. J. Donaldson, author of New Orleans Requiem--one of several review requests I've received this year. Donaldson's book was a real winner and was absolutely deserving of August's P.O.M. Award and helps him snag the distinction of best new-to-me author. It is a fast-paced thriller with much of the classic whodunnit. There is a really nice twist at the end and the final reveal came as a big surprise. Enjoyable read for thriller, police procedural, and whodunnit fans alike.

Don (or D. J.) Donaldson not only writes New Orleans-based forensic mysteries but also has several suspenseful medical thrillers (sometimes under the name David Best). He holds a Ph.D. in human anatomy and has (in another life) taught microscopic anatomy to medical and dental students and published dozens of research papers on wound healing. He puts his scholarly knowledge to good use in his well-researched crime novels. For more info, please see his website.


Katherine P said...

I read some of Donaldson's work back when they first came out and really enjoyed them. I'm reading Louisiana Fever now and liking it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great meme Bev, thanks. The Donaldson book sounds good too