Saturday, March 29, 2014

Challenge Complete: Book Monopoly

Thanks to the challenge temptress, Joanne at Littlequeen Rules, I signed up for one of what seems like thousands of challenges hosted at Goodreads at goodreads @ CrazyChallengeConnection.   Since the Monopoly Challenge is an on-going challenge, my yearly commitment was to read at least 10 books each year that fulfill a move in the game.  I have now completed my 10 moves for 2014 and declare my commitment complete. Here is the lists of moves:

GO - Everyone starts here....Let the game begin!

1st Move: Rolled a 3 and moved to Baltic Avenue. [Book set in/near water]: Too Much of Water by Bruce Hamilton (1/27/14)

2nd Move: Rolled a 1 and moved to Income Tax [Go to GoodReads TBR list and read one of first 10 books listed]: Exit Actors, Dying by Margot Arnold (2/4/14)

3rd Move: Rolled a 3 and moved to Chance [Read a book recommended by Friend/Family/Co-worker]: Gambit by Rex Stout [rec by Les @ Classic Mysteries] (2/8/14)

4th Move: Rolled a 6 and moved to States Avenue [Mostly Black Cover]: Ellery Queen's 20th Anniversary Annual by Ellery Queen, ed (2/22/14)

5th Move: Rolled a 1 and moved to Virginia Avenue [starts with V ]: Vicious Circle by Douglas Clark (3/11/14)

6th Move: Rolled a 2 and moved to St. James Place [Starts with J]: John Smith: Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars by Roland Hughes (3/17/14) 

7th Move: Rolled a 3 and moved to New York Avenue [large city]: India Black & the Gentleman Thief by Carol K. Carr (3/19/14) [London]

8th Move: Rolled a 1 and moved to Free Parking [any book]: A Tale of Two Biddies by Kylie Logan (3/21/14)

9th Move: Rolled a 5 and moved to B & O Railroad [set 50+ years ago/New York]: Tut, Tut! Mr. Tutt by Arthur Train (1923/New York City) [3/25/14)

10th Move: Rolled a 5 and moved to Go to Jail.  Rolled a 6 and moved backwards to Illinois Avenue [mostly red cover]: Grimms' Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm (3/28/14)

Challenge Commitment Complete! But I'm still reading!


Nan said...

This is just great! What a fun, fun thing to do. I love it.

LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

I'M NOT WORTHY! *faint* ;O)

Bev Hankins said... haven't seen anything. JoAnne over at Little Queen Rules ( has whizzed through more challenges than I've even thought about this year.....