Friday, March 28, 2014

Mount TBR Checkpoint: My Progress

Following the orders of our charming challenge hostess (oh, wait, that's me :-) ), I'm checking in with my first quarter's reading for the Mount TBR Challenge.

As things stand, I have read 30 books towards my goal of 100 that will take me to the peak of Mount Everest.  I've seen the top of Pike's Peak and Mount Blanc and getting close to the top of Mt. Vancouver. Since Goodreads tells me I'm five books ahead on my overall reading goal for 2014, I'm hoping that means I might even make it to Mars this year.

And...the other questions? I'll answer a couple from #2.  Here's my favorite cover:

I love those pocket-size, pulp-era covers.

The book that has been on my TBR pile the longest is India's Love Lyrics by Laurence Hope [on TBR since 6/12/89].  I bought that book of poetry thinking it would be the best thing ever and I just had to read it....and then ignored it for thirty years.  As you'll see from my review, I could have left it alone for another thirty--or just tossed it off the mountain without cracking it open.  Ah, well, at least I've moved it off the stack.

So, how about you? What kind of progress have you made on that mountain of yours?

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fredamans said...

I'm not doing great, but am definitely doing better than last year.
Hopefully I can squeeze in a checkpoint post soon. :-)