Saturday, April 13, 2013

Attention: Vintage Mystery Challengers!

Our love for the Vintage Mystery has not gone unnoticed.  Sarah from the Bello imprint of Pan Macmillan has an offer for all participants in the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge except for those of us in the United States.  Here's a brief message from Sarah:

Bello is a small UK imprint of publisher Pan Macmillan, established to revive classic and out of print titles as both large format paperbacks and e-books.  Bello is delighted to bring back into print a number of vintage mystery titles, many of which would fit in really well with the various categories of The Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge.

Bello would love to kindly offer all participants in the challenge a review copy of a book of their choice, in either e-book or print format. Unfortunately, due to rights, Bello is available worldwide except for within the United States.

Bello’s full catalogue can be found here:

Eligible participants may contact Sarah at Sarah.Biddlecombe AT for more details.  She has also sent me a spreadsheet with titles currently available which seem most suited for our challenge.  If you would like the spreadsheet, you may email Sarah or myself (at phryne1969 AT

Those of you in the United States who are looking for titles to fulfill the challenge may want to take a look at the site anyway and see what's available and whether the price is right...who knows, you might find just the book to round out your list and finish the categories!

***Disclaimer: Sarah contacted me with this offer.  I have received no payment of any kind and have no affiliation whatsoever with Bello or Pan Macmillan.


neer said...

This is indeed great news. Off to see the catalogue.

Ryan said...

So very cool.... maybe I need to move!

Bev Hankins said...

Ryan: yeah, it's kind of a bummer that it works for everybody but the US. But I guess there's a lot of the give-aways in the book-blogging world that ONLY will do it evens out.