Monday, March 26, 2012

Mount TBR Challenge Checkpoint

The rumors are true...Your mountaineering guide is calling for the first quarterly check-in post. Let's see how our challengers are doing. Made it a couple of miles? Camping out in a cave 1/3 of the way up the mountain face? Taking refuge in a mountain hut along the way? Let us know how you're doing.

There are no formal rules about what must be in your checkpoint post. You can simply give us run-down of the books read. Or you can send us a few "snapshots" from your climb--tell us your favorite "scene" (book) along the way or which book of those conquered so far had been hanging out on the mountain the longest (I've got a few that had been there for around 20 years...) or anything else interesting about your journey so far. It's up to you. All I ask is that you post a little something and link it up here.

And what do you get for all that hard work (and distraction from the actual climb)? The link will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, March 31. At that time I will crank up the Custom Random Number Generator and pick a winning climber. He or she will have their choice--either add to their TBR stack via my gently-used book vault (prize list will be sent) or a surprise book/reading-related item. Just think, if you win a book you can get a pile ready for next year's Mount TBR Challenge.

Even if you're not in the mood for a prize or if you've only got one leg of the journey under your belt, I'd love to have you check in and tell us how your climb is going!

***Addendum: Please note--the linky is for Checkpoint posts only. I haven't made the rules too exact--but the link must be to a specific Checkpoint post (not your blog's home page in general). Links that are not Checkpoint-specific will be removed--to make it easier for me to track a winner.


Jean said...

I've almost finished my initial challenge! But it was the easiest level, so I'm hereby moving up one.

Gina @ Hott Books said...

I'm done about 8 of the 25 I signed up for. I guess that's not too bad - though I feel like I'll never catch up to the rock-climbing-reading-challenge-goddess ;P

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I've read and reviewed 11/25...and I am picking up my momentum by bringing more books from my TBR stacks into my office so they won't be "out of sight, out of mind."

Thanks for giving me the incentive!

Geoff said...

I've completed 10 of 25 and I'm mostly glad I'm moving forward in the challenges. I'll probably take a bit of a break to read some random novels as I'm almost 50% on all my challenges for the year and I'm ahead of schedule on my personal 60 book goal.

Geoff said...

I've just updated the link and it should work now. Let me know if it still doesn't.

Julia said...

4/12 for me, which I'm quite pleased with. Cleared off several books that lingered on the bookshelf, shall we say.

Michelle @ Much Loved Books said...

I complexly missed this post, but I am making very slow progress at the moment. I have only read 3 of my TBR pile >_<.
I really need to pick up speed, hopefully once my review books are out the way I can manage a book or 2 a week from my mountain.

Darlene said...

Like Michelle, I missed this checkpoint. However, I am really happy to report that I having been able to slog through some of my TBR pile!

As of the end of March, I have finished 9/12 books for the challenge! I am optimistic that I will finish Pike's Peak and at least get part-way up Mt. Vancouver!

My reviews are all linked up at this post: