Thursday, July 14, 2016

Vintage Scavenger Hunt Prize Winner!

Earlier this month, I posted a list of randomly selected items from the Scavenger Hunt cards and made it possible for our hunters to claim a spot in a prize drawing. All items were selected back in November and my middle-aged memory is such that even I was surprised by the categories which were 
1. Chandelier/Candle/etc

2. Hat
3. Evil Eyes
4. Town Scene
5. More Than Two People
6. Tombstone

Joel was our leader in sheer number of items found with a grand total of 9 out of a possible 12 (both cards), followed by Kate with 5, JJ with 2, and Cath & Margaret with one apiece. But now it's time to warm up the Custom Random Number Generator and see who our lucky winner is.....
And our winner is Link #13. A peek back at the Check-in Post tells me that Kate is our winner with her entry--"Candle/Chandelier/Etc" on The Terror by Edgar Wallace. Congratulations, Kate! And thanks to Kate, Joel, and Linda for your check-in posts and to all the hunters who were off on other trails finding other objects. Don't worry, another prize opportunity will be along before you know it. I can't tell you what the categories will be--but I can guarantee that they won't be the same as this round. Happy Hunting!

Kate, I will be contacting you soon with the prize list. 

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