Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday Night Bloggers: Round-up

For the month of July The Tuesday Night Bloggers have chosen a theme with a bit of bite to it. We will be examining poisons, poisoners, poisonous atmospheres, maybe even poison pens--if it can be connected to poison in any way, it can be talked bout this month. Once again I will be collecting the essays here at the Block. If you'd like to join us as we focus on a month of poisonous mayhem, please stop by for group discussion and I'll add your posts to the list. We tend to focus on the Golden Age of crime fiction--generally accepted as published between the World Wars, but everyone seems to have a slightly different definition and we're pretty flexible. Essays on more recent crime fiction are welcome as well.
This week's Poison Experts:
John @ Pretty Sinister Books: "'Murder A La Carte' by Jean Toussaint-Samat"
This month in Review:
I'm afraid that I've haven't anything on offer this week. It's been a bit hectic at work and I haven't managed anything beyond my regular reading. I hope to get back on track for next week.

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