Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Vintage Scavenger Hunt Check-in Post (aka Prize Opportunity!)

Calling all scavenger hunters! March is almost over, we've almost completed three months in our vintage mystery cover scavenger hunt. Back in November 2015 when I launched this year's version of the reading challenge, I randomly picked categories for various check point along the way. Here are the categories for this round:

Ghostly Figure; Jewelry of Any Sort; Any Other Animal; Red Object; Dead Body; Policman

You may enter once for every object already found and claimed prior to this post going live. Objects count from both Gold and Silver cards. Links may point to relevant reviews OR you may create Check-in Specific posts. Please use the following for the link title for the Check-in:

Name (Object) Card   [example: Bev (Jewelry) Silver]

If you do not blog (or have a way to link up through Goodreads, etc), please enter in the comments and point me to the cover of the edition you read.

The linky will be available until Saturday, April 9th. On Sunday, I will use the magic random number generator to draw a winner who may choose a prize from my prize vault.


Peggy Ann said...

Darn! Just finished one this evening that would have counted! Next time.

Anonymous said...

Darn, I managed to dodge all the right categories so far! OK, I'll try harder for the next one - what are the categories for June?

BooksPlease said...

I've read six books for the gold category and one for the silver - none of them count for this check-in!

Bev Hankins said...

Sergio: The idea is that you don't know what categories are coming up for the check-in. What I can guarantee is...that they will NOT be any of these.