Thursday, April 9, 2015

Challenge Complete: I Dare You To....

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The "I Dare You To" Challenge has no time limit or required commitment, so I was able do as much or as little as wanted in whatever time I wanted. I started this challenge last year and my overall goal was to read at least 70 books to meet challenges--with a sub-goal of at least 10 by the end of the year (so I ccould count it towards my 2014 challenges fulfilled). Since there is no time limit, you could still join in (click the link--you know you want to). I Dare You.

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Goal of Ten Dares for 2014 Completed: 9/28/14
Total 70 Dares Completed: 4/5/15  

Here is a list of Dares completed. For a full list of dares, please see the challenge link. I may complete a few more--but my commitment has been fulfilled.

1. Read a book in one day: Death on Allhallowe'en by Leo Bruce (started and finished on 10/11/14) 

2. Read a book over 450 pages: Two for Sorrow by Nicola Upson [482 pages] (9/27/14)
4. Read a novella (under 200 pgs): A Death for a Dancer by E. X. Giroux [180 pages] (9/28/14)
5. Read a book from a listopia list (link the list): The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham (1/22/15) [Best Dysopian & Post-Apocalyptic Fiction]
6. Read a book on one of your GR friend's shelf: Nor Live So Long by Sara Woods [on my friend Abbey's To-Read shelf] (10/26/14)
7. Read a book released this year (2014): Death by Hitchcock by Elissa D. Grodin [released March 2014] (10/6/14)
8. Read an ARC book: The Edison Effect by Bernadette Pajer (9/20/14)
9. Read a book with a one word title: Panic by Helen McCloy (2/22/15)
10. Read a book with at least 5 words in the title: The Curious Affair of the Third Dog by Patricia Moyes (11/24/14)
11. Read a book where the author's name is above the title on the cover: The Labors of Hercules by Agatha Christie (10/11/14)
12. Read a book where the author's name is below the title: Oxford Knot by Veronica Stallwood (11/20/14)
13. Read a book where the title and the author's name are two different colors: Only a Matter of Time by V. C. Clinton-Baddeley (10/13/14)
14. Read a book from your favorite genre: Sick to Death by Douglas Clark [mystery] (12/17/14)
16. Read a book whose cover is your favorite color: Tzimmes by Arthur Marshall Fell [blue] (12/31/14)
17. Read a book whose cover is a color you don't like: Poison Jasmine by Clyde B. Clason [yellow & gree] (4/5/15)
18. Read a book in a male POV: Red Cent by Robert Campbell (9/10/14)
19. Read a book in a female POV: The White Dress by Mignon G. Eberhart (12/15/14)
20. Read a book with two or more POV's (multiple POVs): Past Encounters by Davina Blake [3 POV's, Rhoda, Peter, & Helen] (11/29/14)
26. Read a book set in a country/location/state that is different from yours: Mayhem in B-Flat by Elliot Paul [set in France] (12/4/14)
27. Read a book that is set in the same hemisphere as where you live: Trick or Treat Murder by Leslie Meier [Northern Hemisphere] (11/12/14)
29. Read a sequel: A Curtain Falls by Stefanie Pintoff [#2 in Simon Ziele series] (12/10/14)
30. Read a standalone: Guest in the House by Philip MacDonald (11/2/14)
31. Read a book with less than 1,000 reviews: Bleeding Maize & Blue by Susan Holtzer [91 ratings on Goodreads] (9/30/14)
33. Read a book that starts a new series: A Dead Man in Trieste by Michael Pearce [1st in a new-to-me series] (1/27/15)
35. Read a book that was originally written in a language that is not your own: The Dark Ring of Murder by Misa Yamamura [Japanese] (11/19/14)
38. Re-read a favorite book: Death of a Tall Man by Frances & Richard Lockridge (1/31/15)
40. Read a book by your favorite author: The Underdog & Other Stories by Agatha Christie [one of my favorites--I cannot pick ONE favorite author] (3/17/15)
41. Read a book by a new to you author: The Mind-Murders by Janwillem van de Wetering (10/30/14)
43. Read a book on your TBR list: The Pavilion by Hilda Lawrence (11/17/14)
44. Read a book that you own: Lament for the Bride by Helen Reilly (11/24/14)
45. Read a book that you borrowed from a library: Wednesday the Rabbi Got Wet by Harry Kemelman (9/8/14)
46. Read an ebook: The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy [from Project Gutenberg] (9/21/14)
51. Read a non-fiction book: American Eve by Paula Uruburu (11/11/14)
52. Read a book outside of your comfort zone: The Witch's Grave by Philip DePoy (10/5/14)
53. Read/Listen to an audio book: Ten Little Indians (aka And Then There Were None) by Agatha Christie [read by Norman Barrs] (9/11/14)
54. Read a (auto)biography: Glenn Ford: A Life by Peter Ford (3/9/15)
55. Read a hardcover book: Two Men in Twenty by Maurice Procter (11/14/14)
56. Read a paperback book: Death of a Dutchman by Magdalen Nabb (11/18/14)
58. Read a book that will help you with a challenge: Death by Sheer Torture by Robert Barnard [final book needed for Vintage Mystery Bingo] (11/15/14)
59. Read a book recommended to you: The Poisoner's Handbook by Deborah Blum (3/22/15) [Recommended through Book Bloggers Recommend Challenge]
61. Read a book set somewhere you have gone on vacation to: The Final Deduction by Rex Stout [New York City] (11/10/14)
62. Read a book set in a place where you would like to go on vacation to: Death of a Dwarf by Harold Kemp [England] (1/25/15)
63. Read a book set in the country your ancestors are from (if your of a dual heritage you can pick whichever country yous like): Brighton Rock by Graham Greene [England] (3/2/15)
64. Read a book with a main character who has a silly/weird name: Black-Headed Pins by Constance & Gwenyth Little [character name = Berg Ballister] (12/7/14)
66. Read a book set in the past: The Lady in Black by Anna Clarke [written in 1977; set in 1882] (11/1/14)
71. Read a book with people on the cover: Words for Murder Perhaps by Edward Candy [5 people on cover] (12/16/14)
72. Read a book with an animal on the cover: The Footprints on the Ceiling by Clayton Rawson [Bunny on cover] (9/25/14)
73. Read a book with some kind of scene on the cover (beach scene, night scene, ect): The Haunted Lady by Mary Roberts Rinehart [Spooky scene] (10/19/14)
74. Read a book with an inanimate object on the cover: Roast Eggs by Douglas Clark (10/25/14)
75. Read a book with only one person on the cover: Madman's Bend by Arthur W. Upfield (10/24/14)
76. Read a book with a person from the waist down ONLY on the cover: Lament for a Maker by Michael Innes (10/8/14)
77. Read a book where the title's font is bigger than the author's name font: Alone Against Tomorrow by Harlan Ellison (11/30/14)
78. Read a book where the author's name font is bigger than title's name font: Head of a Traveller by Nicholas Blake (10/29/14)
79. Read a book (novel) by two authors: A Crossworder's Holiday by Nero Blanc [pseud. for co-authors Cordelia Frances Biddle & Steve Zettler] (12/21/14)
81. Read a book by an author who uses at least one initial in their name: Murder on Mike by H. Paul Jeffers (10/15/14)
82. Read a book by an author who doesn't use any initials in their name: Star Wreck III: Time Warped by Leah Rewolinski (12/26/14)
83. Read a book by an author who has at least 3 names (first, middle, last; middle name must be spelled out): The Unfinished Crime by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding (9/8/14)
85. Read a book by a male author: The D. A. Breaks a Seal by Erle Stanley Gardner (11/16/14)
86. Read a book by female author: The Circular Staircase by Mary Roberts Rinehart (11/4/14)
88. Read a book by an author who has at least 10 books published: Appleby's Answer by Michael Innes [81 books] (10/17/14)
89. Read a book of short stories: Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home by James Tiptree, Jr. (1/2/15)
90. Read a book by an author who is from the same country/state/location as you: The Secret of Magnolia Manor by Helen Wells [U.S. author] (2/24/15)
91. Read a book by an author who is from a different country/state/location than you: Death & Mr. Prettyman by Kenneth Giles [British author] (3/6/15)
95. Read a book in a series that has at least 10 books in it: The Finishing Stroke by Ellery Queen [26th in the series] (12/13/14)
97. Read a book from a series that you have been meaning to get back into or that you forgot about: Malice Domestic by Sara Woods [Antony Maitland series] (3/26/15)
98. Read a book that you just found out about and want to read: The Secret of the Gondola by David Alan Brown (12/7/14)
100. Read a book with an author whose last name starts with the same letter as your last name: Into the Valley by John Hersey (2/28/15) "H" for Hankins
101. Read a book with an author whose first name starts with the same letter as your last name: Too Many Doctors by Holly Roth (10/22/14) "H" for Hankins
102. Read a book with an author whose last name starts with the same letter as your first name: Death Takes a Sabbatical by Robert Bernard (9/16/14) "B" for Bev
103. Read a book whose title starts with the same letter as your first name (exclude A, An and The): Blood on the Stars by Brett Halliday (10/4/14)
105. Read a book of your choice: Top of the Heap by A. A. Fair (3/11/15)


Jacquie said...

Holy Smokes! This is impressive! Sounds like it was a fun challenge though.

Bev Hankins said...

Jacqueline, it was a lot of fun. Sort of like a scavenger hunt.