Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Vintage Mystery Reviews

Please post your reviews below.


Kate said...

Been a while since I have posted but I have been able to read a few more books:

Time/Day/Month in title: 10 days wonder by Ellery Queen

Outside of comfort zone: The Conjuror Man Dies by Rudolph Fisher

Mode of transport: The Widow's Cruise by Nicholas Blake

Involves food/cooking: The poisoned chocolates case by Anthony Berekley

Locked room mystery: The King is dead by Ellery Queen

Set in entertainment: Opening Night by Ngaio Marsh

Books with a woman in the title: There was an old woman by Ellery Queen

Just got three more categories to go before I have a complete grid. =)

Anonymous said...

Just reached my first bing - yay! And no, I have no idea why it took me so long either! Just can;t do categories in a straight line I guess ...