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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Challenge Complete: Fall Into Reading 2012

Fall into Reading
September 22-December 21
Hosted by Katrina at callapidder days

Katrina has once again been hosting her low-pressure challenge. The only real requirement was to make a list. Just figure out what books you'd like to read this fall and sign up and read them. That's it.

Last year I followed the lead of Book Dragon's Lair. Her plan for the challenge was to set up two lists. One list for the rest of the year and a shorter list just for the Fall Into Reading Challenge.  That worked really well for me, so that was the plan for Fall 2012.  I have completed the short list (and then some!)--I have about three books left on the long list and I'll have all the challenges complete for 2012--Woo Hoo!

Fall Into Reading Challenge List:
Finish The Case of the Blind Barber by John Dickson Carr (9/22/12)

Murder at the Library of Congress by Margaret Truman (9/24/12)
History of the Millennium (so Far) by Dave Barry (9/30/12)
The Anatomy of Ghosts by Andrew Taylor (9/30/12) 
11/22/63 by Stephen King (10/8/12)
The Penguin Book of Victorian Women in Crime by Michael Sims (ed) [11/5/12]
Lake of Sorrows by Erin Hart (10/14/12)
Star Trek & Philosophy: The Wrath of Kant by Jason T Eberl & Kevin S Decker (eds) [12/1/12]
Murder at the MLA by D J H Jones (10/3/12) 
Sherlock Holmes & the Treasure Train by Frank Thomas (10/6/12)
The Bone Is Pointed by Arthur W. Upfield (11/16/12)
The Three Evangelists by Fred Vargas  (12/15/12)
The Confession & Sight Unseen by Mary Roberts Rinehart (10/10/12)
A Question of Time by Helen McCloy (10/15/12) 
The Adventure of the Ectoplasmic Man by Daniel Stashower (10/16/12) 
The Final Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Peter Haining, ed (10/21/12) 
Murder Most Puzzling by Lillian S. Robinson (10/23/12)
A Sleeping Life by Ruth Rendell (10/8/12)  
Some Danger Involved by Will Thomas (10/27/12) 
The Foods of North Italy by Luigi Veronelle (10/27/12)
She Woke to Darkness by Brett Halliday (10/29/12) 
Not in the Flesh by Ruth Rendell (11/10/12) 
The School of Night by Louis Bayard (11/12/12) 
Death of an Old Girl by Elizabeth Lemarchand (11/21/12) 
Death in the Memorial Garden by Kathie Deviny (11/23/12) 
Catch as Catch Can by Frances & Richard Lockridge (11/26/12) 
Slowly, Slowly in the Wind by Patricia Highsmith (11/30/12) 
Dancing with Death by Joan Coggin (12/5/12) 
Cover-Up by Anthony Oliver (12/6/12) 
Murder for Christmas by Agatha Christie (12/8/12) 


Man of la Book said...

Congratulations, looks like a lot of fun.

S said...

Oh, impressive. And I like the idea of two lists . . . may try that in 2013.