Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Alphabet Soup Authors Edition 2024


The Alphabet Soup Challenge--Author Edition is a companion challenge for Lori's Alphabet Soup Challenge. The goal is to read books by authors whose first, middle, or last name will allow us to read one book for every letter of the alphabet. If you'd like to join in, please click on the link above for full details. X keeps getting trickier for me--especially since I'm trying to read primarily from my own shelves. So--my declared personal goal is 13 books (half the alphabet). I will try to do all 26, but if I meet 13, I can count the challenge complete on my challenge tracker page.

A: The Blood-Dimmed Tide by Rennie Airth (2/16/24)
B: The Blue Geranium by Dolan Birkley (3/3/24)
C: The Emperor's Snuff Box by John Dickson Carr (1/3/24)
D: The Cambridge Murders by Glyn Daniel (1/24/24)
E: Murder by the Book by Martin Edwards, ed. (1/20/24)
F: Murder in C Major by Sara Hoskinson Frommer (1/15/24)
G: Murder & Mendelssohn by Kerry Greenwood (1/27/24)
H: Winter in June by Kathryn Miller Haines (2/12/24)
L: Death Has a Small Voice by Frances & Richard Lockridge (1/31/24)
M: Bimbos of the Death Sun by Sharyn McCrumb (1/21/24)
N: The Cat Who Saved Books by Sosuke Natsukawa (2/14/24)
R: A Guilty Thing Surprised by Ruth Rendell (1/28/24)
S: Death, My Darling Daughters by Jonathan Stagge (1/1/24)
U: Man of Two Tribes by Arthur W. Upfield (2/22/24)
W: The Passenger from Scotland Yard by H. F. Wood (1/11/24

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