Monday, October 10, 2022

Mickey Mouse: Adventure in Outer Space

 Mickey Mouse: Adventure in Outer Space (1968) by George E. Davie

Billed as a Mickey Mouse adventure--Goofy really takes center stage as his interest in looking at the stars at night turns into a journey among the stars when he gets mistaken for a scientist and kidnapped by a UFO. When Mickey is asked by Chief O'Hara to come to the science lab and help investigate the disappearance of several scientists, Goofy tags along. Then, while Mickey and the Chief take the remaining scientists to a safe place, Goofy stands guard over the laboratory. But donning a white lab coat makes the men on the UFO think that he's another scientist ripe for the they nab him. Mickey manages to figure out what's going on and disguises himself as a scientist to be kidnapped, but who "woulda thunk" that Goofy's expert skills at making lemonade would save the day and help defeat that ol' space pirate Black Pete?

Another trip down memory lane with a Big Little book--I had a number of these when I was small and nostalgia tends to kick in whenever I see these for a good price at our annual book fair or at a used bookstore. A fun little story--but seriously I don't know how the chief scientist (pictured with Mickey) could ever have thought Black Pete had his best interests at heart. Luckily, he had a craving for lemonade and Goofy was able to win his trust. ★★

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