Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Pink Camellia: Review

The Pink Camellia (1947) by Temple Bailey is a wholesome little American romance. Cecily Merryman heads east from Arizona to take up a position as companion to the fussy Mrs. Marburg--in an effort to escape the romantic overtures from Peter Chilton. Chilton is a handsome bestselling author who models himself after the heroes of his novels. But Cecily thinks he over-dramatizes himself and knows she could never be happy with a man who takes her devotion for granted.

She looks forward to helping her new employer, but doesn't expect to find herself in the middle of a real life overwrought drama. Mrs. Marburg was once a great beauty, but since her husband's death she has become fussy, fearful, bitter, and more and more under the thumb of her secretary Mark Keating. Mrs. Marburg has pushed away most of her friends and trusted servants--at the instigation of Keating--while keeping her son Blair tied firmly to her apron strings by keeping him in line through finances. Cecily has walked into a den of suspicion and high emotion and things are made even more complicated when she falls in love with Blair--a man already spoken for by the lovely and flighty Gypsy Tyson. Blair is also drawn to the newest member of his mother's household...but a twist of fate in the form of an airplane accident may tie him to Gypsy forever. Will Cecily wind up with the man she loves--or will she have to settle for Peter (who is sure she'll miss his charms eventually)? And will Blair find a way to rescue his mother from the grasp of the deceitful secretary? 

Well...this is a wholesome little American romance, after what do you think? Happily ever after for all concerned? Naturally. Fortunately, there not too much saccharine and Cecily is a fine and feisty heroine. I like the way she sticks to her principles and doesn't fall into the first available arms to hold her. She and Blair have to work their way to their happy ending.  ★★


Yvette said...

Was this one of your used bookstore hauls, Bev? I'm always so envious of you living near one or two or maybe even three when there are none around here. This sounds like a dandy little romance for when you need a break from a mystery. Like that cover too. :) There used to be tons of books featuring nurses as heroines, I vaguely remember.

Bev Hankins said...


This one showed up at our Friends of the Library used book store back in 2015.