Thursday, October 13, 2016

Vintage Scavenger Hunt Prize Winner!

Earlier this month, I posted a list of randomly selected items from the Scavenger Hunt cards and made it possible for our hunters to claim spots in a prize drawing. All items were selected back in November and my middle-aged memory is such that even I was surprised by the categories:

1. Bottle/Glass for Drinking
2. Boat
3. Skeletal Hand
4. Clock/Timepiece
5. Hand Holding Weapon
6. Library/Book

Once again, Joel was our leader in sheer number of items found with a grand total of 8 out of a possible 12 (both cards), followed by Kate with 6, JJ & Linda with 4 each, and Margaret & neer with one apiece. But now it's time to warm up the Custom Random Number Generator and see who our lucky winner is.....
And our winner is Link #14. A peek back at the Check-in Post tells me that Joel is our winner with his entry--"Bottle/Glass" on Homicide Handicap by Bob McKnight. Congratulations, Joel! And thanks to all of you for your check-in posts and to all the hunters who were off on other trails finding other objects. It's hard to believe that our next prize opportunity will be the end of challenge prize drawings. Happy Hunting!

Joel, I will be contacting you soon with the prize list. 

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