Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Tuesday Night Bloggers Master List

The Tuesday Night Bloggers have been meeting now for several months with a group of us who are interested in golden age detective writers. Each month we focus on a different The first one was, of course, Agatha Christie (hence the reference in our collective name to The Tuesday Club Murders) and Curt Evans collected them all on his blog, The Passing Tramp. Next up was Ellery Queen--also hosted by Curt. Moira Redmond hosted our look at Ngaio Marsh on Clothes in Books and our musings on Rex Stout, were collected by Noah Stewart. Noah is also responsible for the very fine logo specially created for the February series, about Dorothy L. Sayers which will normally be found at the home of Helen Szamuely over at Conservative History Journal . Our lovely hostess is still a bit under the weather and I will be doing my best to fill her shoes while she recuperates. I am sitting this week out, but my fine friends in the GAD world have some delightful posts for you to investigate.

This week Kate Jackson at Cross Examining Crime turns the spotlight away from Wimsey to focus on one of Sayers' lesser known sleuths, Montague Egg.

Moira Redmond at Clothes in Books has put together a Sayers and Lord Peter Exam for those of us brave enough to sit for it. 

Noah Stewart at Noah's Archives gives us a peek at his Favorite Dorothy L. Sayers Title and tempts us with his usual fine assortment of editions to long for....

In the same vein, Al at Paperback Revolution joins us with an interesting post on Sayers in Albatross Books editions. [Now I have more hard-to-find editions to add to my Sayers hunt.]

My apologies if I've missed anyone. If you've got a post to share on Dorothy L. Sayers, please point me to it and I'll get you linked up! 

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