Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mystery Men T-Shirt! Available Now

Kyle and I have collaborated on a new t-shirt design for his Epiventure t-shirt store.  I am really excited about this one...not just because it's my son's t-shirt store, but I came up with the basic design and saying. Kyle provided the design expertise and produced the silhouettes.  Surely this is a winner for all the mystery fans out there.  

At the moment, there are a few styles available: Men's Heavy-weight & Standard Weight and Women's Standard-weight as well as larger sizes in the Men's Standard Weight style.  Designs are available for various other shirts--from women's slim fit and long-sleeve to sweatshirts--as well as tote bags, mugs, and iPad covers.  If you would be interested in a design on something else, let me know and we'll get it up and orderable. Click on the links below to view the t-shirts. And now Totebags! Thanks for checking it out!

Women's T-shirt

Men's Heavy-weight T-shirt

Men's Standard Weight

Larger Sizes

Totebags! Black Logo

Totebags! White Logo

Coming Soon: A Women of Mystery T-Shirt!


Ryan said...

I will so be ordering one of these this summer.

Bev Hankins said...

Thanks, Ryan. We're working on a shirt that will have women of mystery on it too...it's a little harder to come up with iconic looks for female detectives, though.

Unknown said...

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