Sunday, June 9, 2024

Reading Baseball: The Abra Cadavers

 Somehow I missed opening day when Rick Mills, that crafty creator of reading challenges and sometimes literary team captain, made the call for team members for one of the finest ball clubs around...the Abra Cadavers. So, I've grabbed my cleats and am heading out to the field. If you'd like to join the team, just prove your skills by fulfilling the following plate appearances (reading requirements). You too could be an All Star! For full details, check out Rick's page: HERE

I've got my cleats on and have already started swinging.

My Plate Appearances
Single: Death, My Darling Daughters by Jonathan Stagge
Double: 2 books by C. S. Harris
When Blood Lies
Who Cries for the Lost
Triple: 3 books by John Dickson Carr/Carter Dickson
The Emperor's Snuff Box
The Unicorn Murders
Death in Five Boxes

Homerun: 4 titles by Frances &/or Richard Lockridge
Death Has a Small Voice
Death Takes a Bow
Write Murder Down
Twice Retired
Cycle: completed previous four (done)


Bunt: "Jericho & the Silent Witness" by Hugh Pentecost
Stolen Base: What Cannot Be Said by C. S. Harris (read by Sue C.)

Strike Out: The Rocksburg Railroad Murders by K. C. Constantine

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Rick Mills said...

Thanks for the plug, Bev! Just wanted to let everyone know that all are welcome to come and join the Abra Cadavers baseball team! There are only nine players on the roster at the moment, and that is the bare minimum to take the field. We need to work on our uniforms, too. Maybe a skeleton theme would scare the opposing teams. Rick