Sunday, May 7, 2023

Mystery of the Hidden Hand (mini-review)

 Mystery of the Hidden Hand (1964) by Phyllis a. Whitney

Gale Tyler is twelve years old and having an adventure of a lifetime on the Greek isle of Rhodes. She, her mother, and brother Wareen are staying with her mother's family while her American father takes care of diplomatic business in Athens. The ancient ruins and beautiful scenery should be exciting enough--but when she and Warren surprise a mysterious figure in a black cape jumping around the suppedly empty fourth floor of the the family's hotel an exciting mystery opens up. Who is the the person in black and why are they leaping about? Why has someone hidden broken pieces of pottery in a box in that fourth floor room? Who is Geneva Lambrou and what is behind her apparent need for revenge? And why is someone in a nearby house signaling with a mirror. Gale's curiosity leads her to a family secret that could bring disgrace to her newly found "Grandfather" Thanos and she and Warren find themselves helping their Greek cousins to clear up the family mystery.

A pleasant little read--but not nearly as mysterious as one is led to believe. Basically, the whole thing could be cleared up if the members of the Greek side of the family would just talk to one another. But misunderstandings and pride get in the way (as is often the case) and so it takes Gale, family--but not directly involved, to show them the way to make everything right. It's interesting how all of these older family members are willing to be instructed by the youngest among them... ★★

First line: It was a Saturday morning in early June on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Last line: This, she knew was the beginning of her growing up.


Deaths = one drowned

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