Sunday, August 6, 2017

Challenge Complete: Cruisin' Thru the Cozies

This year Yvonne at Socrates’ Book Reviews made things a little more difficult at the Cruisin’ Thru the Cozies Challenge. Instead of open cozy reading, she asked us to meet 10 cozy sub-genres in order to fulfill the basic level. There were higher levels if cozy mysteries are really your thing and you wanted to go crazy. I committed to the first level--Snoop because I thought I'd have trouble meeting all the categories with my own books. I did better than I thought--all books came from my own stacks and only one wasn't eligible for my Mount TBR Challenge as well.
Level one (Snoop) - Read one book in each of these cozy sub-genres (total of 10 books). 
Here is my list:

- One from culinary (anything dealing with food:  restaurants, baked goods, etc.)
Murder at the Masque by Amy Myers [Chef Auguste Didier as amateur sleuth] (1/16/17)
- One from animal related (cats, dogs, birds, etc.)
The Barker Street Regulars by Susan Conant (7/20/17)
- One from craft related (any kind of hobbies - knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, etc.)
Lie of the Needle by Cate Price [sewing/antiques] (7/28/17)

- One from paranormal (witches, vampires, etc.)
The Ghost & the Dead Deb by Alice Kimberly [ghost as main character] (6/16/17)

- One from British cozy mysteries (example:  Belinda Lawrence series)
Death with Blue Ribbon by Leo Bruce [Carolus Deene, British history master as sleuth] (4/20/17)

- One career-based cozy mystery (housekeeping, wedding planner, etc.)
Grounds for Murder by Kate Kingsbury [hotel owner/innkeeper] (4/26/17)
- One holiday based (set during any holiday - Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines, etc.)
Murder at Teatime by Stefanie Matteson [Midsummer's Night (Summer Solstice) and July 4th] (5/9/17)

- One travel mystery (character could be on a cruise, touring another area, etc.)
Zadok's Treasure by Margot Arnold [murder at an archaeological dig in Israel] (2/22/17)

- One historical mystery (any mystery not set in the present) 
Publish & Perish by Sally Wright [set in 1960s; archival researcher as amateur sleuth] (6/22/17)

- One is your choice!  (freebie!)

Nun Plussed by Monica Quill (3/30/17)

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