Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm: Mini-Review

I picked this up at the local Friends of the Library Used Bookstore because I enjoy a good sarcastic bon mot as much as the next person. And it reminded me of my good friend Richard. Honestly--I think my good friend Richard could put together an even funnier and more stinging collection than James Napoli, the executive vice president of the National Sarcasm Society, has managed. Sure, there were some definitions that had me laughing out loud and a good number that had me nodding and smiling. But there were also quite a few that weren't funny or particularly stinging at all. 

Fairly amusing. Definitely worth checking out from the library or picking up for yourself if you can luck into a $2.00 bargain like I did. Not really worth spending full price on, though. ★★

[finished 4/14/17]

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The Book Sage said...

Can't go wrong with a book on sarcasm!