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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Challenge Complete: 100+ Book Challenge

I joined Freda for another round of the 100+ Book Challenge for 2016. The basic rule--read 100 or more books in 2016. I've now completed 102 books and my commitment is finished. I'll keep adding what I read at my original sign up post.

Books Read:
1. The Purple Cloud by M. P. Shiel (1/2/16)
2. Hunt with the Hounds by Mignon G. Eberhart (1/3/16)
3. Murder at Arroways by Helen Reilly (1/7/16)
4. The Girl in the Cellar by Patricia Wentworth (1/9/16)
5. Red for Murder by Harold Kemp (1/13/16)
6. Hardly a Man Is Now Alive by Herbert Brean (1/16/16)
7. Imagination Unlimited edited by Everett F. Bleiler & T. E. Dikty (1/18/16)
8. Puzzle in Petticoats by Samuel M. Kootz (1/20/16)
9. The Platypus of Doom & Other Nihilists by Arthur Byron Cover (1/23/16)
10. Oh Myyy! by George Takei (1/24/16)
11. Four Against the Bank of England by Ann Huxley (1/25/16)
12. Which Doctor by Edward Candy (1/28/16)
13. The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont by Robert Barr (1/30/16)
14. Who's Calling? by Helen McCloy (1/31/16)
15. The Clock Ticks On by Valentine Williams (2/3/16)
16. The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maughum (2/5/16)
17. The Clue of the Judas Tree by Leslie Ford (2/6/16)
18. The Doberman Wore Black by Barbara Moore (2/9/16)
19. The Fifth Passenger by Edward Young (2/10/16)
20. The Bridal Bed Murders by A. E. Martin (2/13/16)
21. The April Robin Murders by Craig Rice & Ed McBain (2/17/16)
22. The Silver Anniversary Murder by Lee Harris (2/17/16)
23. Poacher's Bag by Douglas Clark (2/19/16)
24. The Spiral Staircase by Ethel Lina White (2/20/16)
25. The Black Rustle by Constance & Gwenyth Little (2/22/16)
26. The Bachelors of Broken Hill by Arthur W. Upfield (2/24/16)
27. Gently with the Painters by Alan Hunter (2/27/16)
28. The Calcutta Affair by George S. Elrick (2/28/16)
29. The Avengers: A Celebration by Marcus Hearn (2/29/16)
30. Make Death Love Me by Ruth Rendell (3/1/16)
31. The Day He Died by Lewis Padgett (3/3/16)
32. House of Darkness by Allan MacKinnon (3/7/16)
33. The Philomel Foundation by James Gollin (3/11/16)
34. A Lesson in Secrets by Jacqueline Winspear (3/13/16)
35. Elegy for Eddie by Jacqueline Winspear (3/15/16)
36. The Old Battle Axe/The Obstinate Murderer by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding (3/17/16)
37. The Big Smoke by Adrian Matejka (3/20/16)
38. Leaving Everything Most Loved by Jacqueline Winspear (3/24/16)
39. Dead Against My Principles by Kenneth Hopkins (3/29/16)
40. The Third Encounter by Sara Woods (4/1/16)
41. Death in Profile by Guy Fraser-Sampson (4/3/16)
42. The Jade Venus by George Harmon Coxe (4/7/16)
43. The Indigo Necklace Murders by Frances Crane (4/12/16)
44. The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde by Erle Stanley Gardner (4/12/16)
45. The Limehouse Text by Will Thomas (4/13/16)
46. One Foot in the Grave by Peter Dickinson (4/18/16)
47. The Chalk Circle Man by Fred Vargas (4/21/16)
48. Death in Cyprus by M. M. Kaye (4/22/16)
49. The Pocket Book of Ghost Stories edited by Philip Van Doren Stern (4/24/16)
50. Death by Hoax by Lionel Black (4/25/16)
51. Line Up for Murder by Marion Babson (4/28/16)
52. Chili Con Corpses by J. B. Stanley (4/28/16)
53. Our Jubiliee Is Death by Leo Bruce (4/30/16)
54. Powder & Patch by Georgette Heyer (5/4/16)
55. Dead Man's Riddle by Mary Kelly (5/9/16)
56. The Family Tomb by Michael Gilbert (5/10/16)
57. Running Blind by Desmond Bagley (5/11/16)
58. The Bobbsey Twins at London Tower by Laura Lee Hope (5/13/16)
59. Gownsman's Gallows by Katharine Farrer (5/16/16)
60. Murder at the Savoy by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö (5/20/16)
61. The Litmore Snatch by Henry Wade (5/21/16)
62. Good Blood by Aaron Elkins (5/23/16)
63. The Paper Thunderbolt by Michael Innes (5/29/16)
64. Murder in Amsterdam by A. J. Baantjer (6/3/16)
65. Midnight in Lonesome Hollow by Kathleen Ernst (6/4/16)
66. The Cinnamon Murder by Frances Crane (6/6/16)
67. A Is for Arsenic by Kathryn Harkup (6/8/16)
68. The Mystery Woman by J. U. Giesy & Junius B. Smith (6/12/16)
69. The Silent Women by Margaret Page Hood (6/13/16)
70. Certain Sleep by Helen Reilly (6/16/16)
71. The Seven Wonders of Crime by Paul Halter (6/19/16)
72. The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins (6/19/16)
73. Murder in Any Language by Kelley Roos (6/21/16)
74. Bodies & Souls edited by Dann Herr & Joel Wells (6/28/16)
75.The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Titanic Tragedy by William Seil (6/28/16)
76. The Norths Meet Murder by Frances & Richard Lockridge (6/30/16)
77. High Rhymes & Misdemeanors by Diana Killian (6/30/16)
78. The Decagon House Murders by Yukito Ayatsuji (7/3/16)
79. A Pinch of Poison by Frances & Richard Lockridge (7/5/16)
80. All Fall Down by L. A. G. Strong (7/6/16)
81. The Ticking Clock by Frances & Richard Lockridge (7/8/16)
82. Checkmate to Murder by E. C. R. Lorac (7/10/16)
83. The Poet's Funeral by John M. Daniel (7/12/16)
84. The Devil in Bellminster by David Holland (7/13/16)
85. The Red House Mystery by A. A. Milne (7/15/16)
86. The Warsaw Anagrams by Richard Zimler (7/17/16)
87. Too Good to Be True by J. F. Hutton (7/20/16)
88. A Cold Day for Murder by Dana Stabenow (7/22/16)
89. A Dead Man in Athens by Michael Pearce (7/28/16)
90. The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L Sayers (7/28/16)
91. The Mirabilis Diamond by Jerome Odlum (7/31/16)
92. Servant's Problem by Veronica Parker Johns (8/4/16)
93. Murder on Trial by Michael Underwood (8/7/16)
94. Invitation to Murder by Leslie Ford (8/11/16)
95. Murder Every Monday by Pamela Branch (8/13/16)
96. A Parade of Cockeyed Creatures OR Did Someone Murder Our Wandering Boy? by George Baxt (8/14/16)
97. A Death for a Darling by E. X. Giroux (8/19/16)
98. Design for Murder by Erica Quest (8/20/16)
99. Unhallowed Murder by Simon Nash (8/20/16)
100. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by John le Carre (8/24/16)
101. The Silent Witness by R. Austin Freeman (8/25/16)
Challenge Complete! Still reading!
102. The Master of Mysteries by Gelett Burgess (8/30/16)


LuAnn Braley said...

OK. First of all, I'm just impressed! That's a lot of books. And you kept track of them all (my downfall sometimes). And out of all those books, the only one I remember reading as "The Spy Who Came in From the Cold" back in 1984.

Bev Hankins said...

Now to see if I can cram 48 more into the rest of the year so I can reach my Mount TBR ultimate goal....

fredamans said...

I'm thoroughly impressed! I have been sitting here wondering if I will even make the goal myself since I'm only on pace for 80-something...
You've done an outstanding job!