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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Bingo: Two More Bingos & Challenge Commitment Complete

As I mentioned at sign-up, I will most likely cover the card--but my commitment for the challenge was to complete two Bingos. Including those finished today (with The Man in the High Castle), I now have three Bingos! Challenge commitment complete!  More books to come....

Bingo down the Mix It Up column:
Non-Fiction: The Kingdom by the Sea by Paul Theroux (1/20/14)
Classic: The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick [classic Science Fiction; 1962 Hugo Winner] (2/27/14)
Reread: Shake Hands Forever by Ruth Rendell (1/13/14)
Free Square: The Xibalba Murders by Lyn Hamilton (1/18/14)
Contemporary: Death by Chick Lit by Lynn Harris (2/1/14)

Also Bingo Across 2nd Row:

Two TBR Books:
1. The Skeleton in the Clock by Carter Dickson (1/8/14)
2. Dangerous Visions #3 by Harlan Ellison, ed (1/11/14)

Mix It Up--Classic: The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick [classic Science Fiction; 1962 Hugo Winner] (2/27/14)

Two  Series Books
1. Exit Actors, Dying by Margot Arnold [#1 of Penny Spring & Sir Toby Glendower series] (2/4/14)
2. Shelf Life by Douglas Clark [Masters & Green series] (2/6/14) 

Genres--Free Square (Science Fiction): Shakespeare's Planet by Clifford D. Simak (1/6/14) 

Two New Release Books
1. The Wonder Chamber by Mary Mallory [pub. Jan 2014] (1/15/14)
2. Cursed in the Act by Raymond Buckland [pub. Jan 2014] (2/16/14) 

Previous Bingo--down the TBR Pile column.


Cath said...

You're doing magnificently! I must say I'm enjoying the Vintage crime bingo *so* much, :-)

Bev Hankins said...

Glad you're like the Vintage Bingo cards, Cath!

jmisgro said...

congrats! I have 2 Bingos too but am trying for the whole card!!