Saturday, April 24, 2010

Madcap Mysteries: A bit much

Well, I've finished the second of the Tilton series and made an attempt at the third. I've decided to give myself a rest from the madcap mysteries for a bit. I'm afraid that she seems to be stuck in a bit of rut. It's a bit much to swallow all the fortuitous circumstances that bring about the happy ending. Given all the bodies he stumbles over, young ladies bound and gagged in his house, his belongings that wind up in unfortunate proximity to the aforementioned bodies--it's a wonder "Bill Shakespeare" doesn't spend his life in jail. It's unfortunate that the charm has faded so fast because I really do like the character of Leonidas Witherall. I'm just having trouble believing more than six impossible things after breakfast. up on the Tilton series for a while, I have picked up Mitch Albom's for one more day. Suspending my disbelief long enough to accept Charley Benetto's one more day with his deceased mother was child's play after the mad adventures of Witherall. So far, Albom has spun a very touching and thought-provoking story. And I expect to finish the book before I drift off to sleep.

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